Super Booty & Megatron Donk Prospect Ready To Possibly Shake Up The Industry?!?!


If you have been following the social media famed & pioneering voluptuous XXX site, BBWHighway, then – you may have been perplexed and dumbfounded at the appearance of quite the sight. We are talking about the site of perhaps one of the most biggest asses in the game…ever. And that is no cap, and no hyperbole – we truly mean one of the biggest asses ever – on the Da’Butt, NotMyEqual, Fallon Fierce, Strawberry Delight level of epic ass. The biggest of the big.

For the past few weeks, social media seems to have been prepping  us for the arrival of something huge to hit the industry. And we recently may have gotten a name and a face to go with all of the SO-MUCH-ASS, we have been catching glimpses of…but first, for those of you who may have not been aware – here it is – ALL COURTESY OF

…Yes…that is a lot of Premium Grade A Beef right there. So much ass, so much ass…and we have wondered just who this woman is for weeks – and know we know that she goes by the name of “YaYa Love“.  And that is about it thus far, other than the fact that she is the owner of gargantuan amounts of massive ass. Now we have not discovered much else about this lovely donk prodigy, but what we DO know is that she has already begun to get the whispers circulating around various Voluptuous Adult & XXX circles. With the many monster booty finds that has introduced into the industry (ie…Julie Ginger, Macchiato, etc.), all which have gone on to be staples, favorites, and/or icons in the industry – and looking at the loveliness of this woman, and all of that ass she possesses…we have a feeling that may be ready hit yet another Grand Slam for voluptuous adult entertainment.

Questions of “Will She Be Modeling?“, to “When Will She Make Her XXX Debut?“, have quickly been surfacing all over. To which we can only say – we do no know at this time. But make no mistake – with the buzz that is surrounding YaYa Love already – its already assured that whatever she does is going to shake up but genre a little bit. All we can say is – we are so fucking ready for it.

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