Supathyckness: American Hustler


Fuck what you heard, or may think – the adult entertainment industry, for the most part isn’t for the faint at heart – especially when your a BBW. It takes dedication and focus to rise in this genre. A passion, a true passion to love what you do. But with drama and foolishness just a moments notice away from anyone who’s try to make themselves successful, it can be easy to succumb to the negativity in the business. But for SupaThyckness…its all apart of the plan.

With the issues that some women in the industry face Supathyckness has managed to overcome all that to be one of the most anxiously wanted adult entertainers in the the genre. With a quiet entrance into the biz, starting with a few appearances on various big booty websites, such as, SupaThyckness’ pure thickness won over fans and admirers instantly. I mean hell, the woman is just straight up thick. I mean thick as fuck. To add to the deliciously good thickness, of course, she is the proud owner of a thick ass, which has only added to the level of love her fans have shamelessly blessed her with. And not just a regular thick ass, but a SuperThyck, SuperPHAT ass with an intricate tattoo that has quickly become her signature trademark; and has more than conrtibuted to the growing number of fans wanting to see more of SupaThyckness. And what was once a quiet entrance transformed into a full blown buzz.

But of course with any buzz, there are those out there that are quick to point out the flaws in the swag of anyone quickly gaining popularity and staying thirsty on the grind. And Supathyckness has been no exception to that as well. An up and coming adult model’s buzz by itself is not enough to succeed in this industry when you are trying to dive into the world of XXX. Gimmicks only get you so far. And no doubt the doubters, the haters, and the skeptics would question SupaThyckness’ assets, like they tend to do others in the game, as gimmicks. They most likely spoke like – “yeah she’s thick as fuck, i’ll give her that…but CAN SHE FUCK?” or “She’s just another chick with an tattoo on the ass, but can she really put it down on the dick?

Well, as we said before, its all apart of the plan. SupaThyckness let her work speak for itself –

Fucking with conviction, and the ability to work the dick with vigor are the traits fans all look for in a true XXX superstar. In one scene SupaThyckness proved that she had those traits. Case closed. .. Now of course, for some – a new adult entertainer doing anal on her very first scene, will still not be enough to quench the desire to rob SupaThyckness of her shine. Some will still find some excuse to negate her gains and achievements, as she carves her own path to success. But fuck all that, this woman, can bring it. She can fuck with the best of them. And while the genre as a whole may not know who this woman is – the 13,000 plus she’s amassed on her Twitter (in little over a year) no doubt know, not only who she is and what she is capable of. You have those that have been in the industry for years that don’t have a following like that.

Even though the climate of voluptuous adult entertainers can be harsh – with the constant uphill battle with the thin mainstream side of the industry for popularity & relevancy, dealing with studios that work with bbws whenever the mood hits and almost as a “fetish”, working with directors and producers who simply don’t know how to market and promote a bbw properly, and haters and naysayers that come from our on peers in the industry we work in – its the price we pay to pursue our passion. We all have dealt with this harshness at some point. And when it hits, most may not know what to do.

But as for SupaThyckness, its all apart of the plan. She stays on the grind. She knows what she has in store for the game, and nothing is going to stop her from winning. The greatest success for any woman in this genre is to say that they made it despite the odds and the difficulties. SupaThyckness has all those potentials and more. And while she’s still turning heads, and making moves. The hustle will continue. Only in America.