Sunni Bunz Blesses The Game With FIRE Big Booty Debut on


We do not quite know what it is that they do, or how it is that they do it…but the good folks over at tend to have a knack for introducing the biggest of asses in the business to the business. And with their latest update, we introduced and treated to a woman of profoundly massive ass, and XXX ability; the ass-tounding talents of Sunni Bunz are on great display and showcased beautifully as she makes her official XXX debut on the highway. This lovely brickhouse of a woman is complete with everything from a huge massive & soft ass, a supremely thick frame, and an original mean head game that is all things fierce – all coming together for a dynamite package – and an even more explosive debut scene that is simply nothing short of a BANGER!

Tasked with the job of putting Sunni Bunz through the paces of porn fucking 101 is Woodsman & industry dick-dastardly, Don Prince – and put her through the pace he does as he delivers a premiere fucking on the pussy of Sunni Bunz. But what we see in Sunni Bunz performance is not just a woman knows how to take dick expertly, but we also quickly find out that Sunni Bunz is a woman who knows how to stunt on dick fantastically.

First off let us just say that Sunni Bunz thickness and of course all of that ass is simply monumental…and what is even more stunning is the beauty of this woman – the flawless cocoa brown skin, the thick full lips, and the deep hypnotic eyes that just command you to keep your eyes on her…amongst other things. That is why when we see Sunni Bunz in action it just blows the mind completely. And lets just start off with this woman’s remarkable talent for orally destroying dick – the way Sunni Bunz just engulfs the dick of Don Prince is crazy. She sucks with a style and technique that seems to be completely original while having the power and rawness of some of the great names in oralism. We counted at least 4 to 5 different techniques performed with exceptional skill and ease – which means that Sunni Bunz head game is…fucking beast mode material.

And if the head game is beast mode – trust and believe, the way she works the pussy on Don Prince is pure beast mode too. We love it when women of extreme big ass-edness ( yes damnit, we made it a word), not only know how to work that big ass on the dick, but they also know how to work it on the dick and showout at the same damn time. And Sunni Bunz does this to the max. It is her cowgirl that has our mouths on dropped as she just drives all that ass onto Don Prince, forcing him to get balls deep in her good pussy over and over again. But cowgirl is only the beginning, her doggystyle is just so picture perfect to observe. Sunni Bunz‘ massively massive ass just bouncing on the dick of Don Prince as he does what he does best – and attacks the pussy from behind while taming all of that big ol’ ass – it is just what good fucking is all about. And that’s not even the entire scene. Sunni Bunz fucks like a veteran not a rookie.

Sunni Bunz has has kicked in the door hard for her debut into XXX. She gives an incredible performance and stole the show, which is amazing when you consider the fact that she was paired with industry staple Don Prince. The fact that they did not have to take it easy on one another and just proceeded to create an outstanding fuck scene speaks volumes to the ability of Sunni Bunz…and puts us in a state of great anticipation to her next release, which we hope is sooner rather than later. This woman is a great talent already and a must-see as her first release is truly a #CertifiedBanger. Head over to, and watch what could be the beginning of something special…Miss Sunni Bunz.