Strawberry Delight: The Sweeter The Juice – (Part I)


There is a quote that says – “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.“. If we can agree on that logic and point of view – and we most definitely can – then that means that megadonk fuck artist & Strawberry Delight is a true artist of the highest order. As she has blessed the world of voluptuous adult/xxx many of gifts. The gift of her love & lust of good dick. The gift of her ability to properly take on the biggest of dicks completely, succulently, and properly. And of course the gift of one of the biggest asses in the adult entertainment industry.

But as the quote says, ‘the gift is nothing without work‘. The work, well, the work is something that Strawberry Delight has blessed us with an abundance of. For the past year, Strawberry Delight has been turning up the heat, and making star-studded appearances in an impressive collection of pure hardcore fuck masterpieces. Masterpieces that showcase not just all of that amazing massive & magnificent ass – but her talented capacity to work and outwork the dick of even the industries most ferocious dick dasterdlies. Strawberry Delight allows her good pussy to be vanquished, only to immediately turn right around and vanquish those same dicks with her delicious pussy with just as much hardcore lust as they applied to her.

Like we said, Strawberry Delight is a true artist & virtuoso of the craft of sex & XXX, as well as the art of oralism where she excels & perfects, with a determined vigor, her technique of succulent dicksucking, with the hopes of one day being the greatest ever – the one true SuxGod. And it is with this artistry in mind, that we decided to take a look at the woman behind the elegant artistry of head and sex – to find out how she became a master of the XXX arts & her plans for herself now that she is beginning to emerge as one of voluptuous XXX’s most potent fuckstars; as well as the origins and the secrets of all of that ginormous ass, and much, much more.

Here is our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Strawberry Delight in “Strawberry Delight: The Sweeter The Juice“:


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