Strawberry Delight Returns With Don Prince For Epic Fuck On BBWHighway


It never has, nor will it ever, cease to amaze us – the sheer amount of massive ass of Strawberry Delight, and her blessed ability to go ham with all of that ass in each and every scene she does. This woman simply just goes in and shows out. Sucking and fucking the hell out of the biggest dicks with a type of beast mode that is subtle, yet just as ferocious as some of the best fuckstars in the business. And Strawberry Delight returns to, to bring all of that tremendous monster ass & that #BEASTMODE fucking and sucking once again, as she squares off again Expert Donk Destructor, Don Prince for an EPIC & gorgeous carnival of massive ass & deep pounding sucking and fucking for another ultimate banger!

Let us be clear when we say this, if we somehow have not been clear before. We absolutely love Strawberry Delight, she is absolutely one of voluptuous XXX’s most underrated, and at the same time best kept secrets in voluptuous XXX. Her sucking and fucking is so top notch, and she always goes in each and every scene she performs – and this is exactly what we get in this latest #BANGERS from her, from the good folks over at And who better to pair with the easily the most epic pear in the voluptuous XXX today, Strawberry Delight, than a man who has made destroying the most massive of asses an art, while at the same time breaking it down to a science – the one they call Don Prince! These two combine to bring forth another hellified & #CertifiedBanger!

As the scene begins, you instantly notice nothing but Strawberry Delight, and all of that immense & unparalleled ass! Ass so big that you cannot do nothing but just be amazed at its sheer dominance for a few minutes. Enter Don Prince, who we can only imagine is in a state of shock, just like we are, and who must take his time to slap, grip, and manhandle all of that mightiness, in order to prepare for the good pussy that awaits him, and the grand ability of Strawberry Delight to fuck the shit out of him

.But not before Strawberry Delight blesses the dick of Don Prince with her mean sux game. We have said to numerous people public & private about how Strawberry Delight is one of the voluptuous XXX’s most underrated voluptuous fuckstars – well the same hold true for her head game. As quiet as it may be to some, Strawberry Delight is technical beast on the dick – which she shows in nice fashion on Don Prince. Utilizing an abundance of techniques, sucks, and tongue tricks on the dick of Don Prince, Strawberry Delight shows out with her killer head game and you can see by the look on her face that she loves and is committed to her oral excellence.

But damnit, nothing shows out like watching Strawberry Delight ride dick cowgirl style. As it has to be one of the greatest sights in voluptuous XXX, as well as proof that Strawberry Delight is one of the genre’s most legit fuckstars out. Strawberry Delight mounts Don Prince and just begins to throw all of that phat pussy balls deep on the dick with the weight and mass of all of that supreme ass with it. And with Don Prince fucking the hell out of that pussy from under, Strawberry Delight equally fucks the hell out of that dick from above. And all we see is XXX goodness as a result. And its non-stop, the fucking and riding of Strawberry Delight never surrenders at all. And visually stunning to watch the massiveness of all that ass do wave after wave.

And the entire scene is filled with positions of all out fucking gold, from both Strawberry Delight & Don Prince. Two of our favorite highlights come from – Strawberry Delight taking dick from Don Prince doggystyle. Where see see Don Prince fuck and stuff Strawberry’s phat pussy from behind, shoving every single available inch of dick, along with a few centimeters of pelvis inside that pussy, over and over and over, with Strawberry simply loving it all. And of course, our favorite visual of the scene, Strawberry Delight missionary style doing a full split on her back that would make Dominique Dawes jealous – revealing those full & glazed hams, all that splendid fat pussy, and that juicy big clit of hers stunningly as it takes the full assault of Don Prince’s dick….like we said, this is an EPIC FUCK!

Strawberry Delight has been putting in serious work and serious fucking this year, and in this latest scene she once again stunts magnificently with her suck and fuck game. Match that with good dicking as always from LumberJack Don Prince, and  you have yet another #CertifiedBanger from one of voluptuous XXX’s most fiercest fuckstars. And its safe to see that Strawberry Delight has already positioned herself from the Award Noms in this year’s upcoming PHAT Awards!  This is another #MUSTSEE Fuck from Strawberry. And with as much greatness as she has been putting in…we hope she does not let up and goes even harder and harder. Definitely must watch this – head to, JOIN UP, and witness this woman go HARD!


Strawberry Delight Keeps Going In!

79% FIRE

Strawberry Delight's string of supreme fucks continues in her latest release from She delivers an excellent & hot suck & fuck, along with Don Prince who delivers an excellent fuck as he masters the ass and pussy of Strawberry Delight. The action is hot, hard, and non-stop. Strawberry Delight sucks with greatness, and once again to show her ability to be one of the genre's top fuckstars. The ass is of great focus, although sometimes it takes away from other angles that would like to be seen. Tremendously FIRE FUCK, and a #MUST-SEE!!! Strawberry Delight is fantastic!

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  • ACTION 85 %
  • CHEMISTRY 80 %
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