Strawberry Delight Brings Another Banger To The Masses


The SSBBW game within the world of Voluptuous XXX has been on a rampage over the last some odd years. And one of the biggest stars within that, and voluptuous XXX, and XXX period has been the titanic megadonked, Strawberry Delight. Since her beginnings in the business she has done nothing but capture the eyes, minds, and loins of men and women worldwide, while simultaneously building one of the biggest catalogs of nothing but pure bangers.  And while the year of 2020 has been…HELL, to say the least, Strawberry Delight has used this year to put out an impressive collection of collaborative XXX hardcore singles ( 8 including this release) of pure hardcore XXX excellence with  And she has now released yet another untitled banger – featuring AllBlackBBW, and these two get together to once again put on a hell of a show in mean ass dicksucking, fucking, and just a whole lot of ass.

The scene starts off immediately, after focusing on the sheer enormousness of Strawberry Delight’s ass, the camera immediately cuts to Strawberry Delight, sucking the thick pipe of AllBlackBBW. This woman’s dicksucking has always been fun to watch. The way she stretches her lips, mouth, and throat to accomidate that dick is just amazing to watch in action. She uses her tongue as almost a second mouth as she wraps it all around the contours of the dick, while sucking it ruthlessly, all while keeping the massiveness of that ass in plain view. Strawberry Delight is truly an oral tactician.

But another skill that Strawberry Delight truly excels in – is the art of riding good dick. This woman truly knows the entire alphabets of skills when it comes to riding dick – and she uses a portion of them perfectly when she rides the dick of AllBlackBBW. With our favorite being her ability to ride that dick flat footed while throwing the meaty weight of that superior ass up and down the length of the dick. We have seen a number of cowgirl queens, but Strawberry Delight has to be one of the best in all of XXX.

And of course with one of the biggest asses in the business, its only right that doggystyle is performed. And AllBlackBBW goes in on the monstrously huge ass of Strawberry Delight. Fucking that pussy with all of his might while that ass ripples beautifully from his ruthless strokes. Watching that pussy just engulf all of that dick is absolutely breathtaking, and that does nothing but increase when we just that ass bounce on that dick.

We could go on and on, but why spoil it, Strawberry Delight & AllBlackBBW deliver another great fuck, which ends in Strawberry Delight taking a rare facial, after some serious missionary pounding. The chemistry between the two is great, and Strawberry Delight just gets better and better as she continues to show that she is one of the genre’s best, and yet still underrated, fuckstars despite the vast growth of her admirers and fans worldwide. This woman has made reputation of delivering some of the best content in SSBBW & Voluptuous XXX outright – and this flick is nothing but another notch in her belt as she continues her pursuit to be one of the GOATs in the industry and genre. And she is most definitely going to reach that no doubt.

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