Strawberry Delight Brings A Heap Of Ass In PowerFuck On


That’s A Whole Lot Of Ass” – those are the first six words that come to mind when checking out latest scene featuring the mega donked XXX entertainer, Strawberry Delight. It just can not be missed and there is no need to pretend otherwise. Strawberry Delight makes her debut on the Highway and in grand fashion – she gives premium suck and fuck action, as well as receives power piston pounding deep dick attacks from rising talent, Mr. Stixxx in what can only be described as an incredible hardcore fuck!

From the very beginning of the scene, the apparent & obvious is made even more so…the bootylicious Strawberry Delight simply has one of the biggest monster donks in voluptuous adult & XXX today. It is just so fucking deliciously big and beautiful; and huge redonkulous ass that is so massive that not fucking the hell out of it if it is made available to you should be a criminal act! But never fear, for if there is one thing that has built its reputation on – its having male talent that are knowledgeable in art of dicking down the most massive of asses. And that responsibility falls to Mr. Stixxx who administers a serious pounding to the pussy of Strawberry that is top notch all the way.

A very succulent sucking of dick is applied to Mr. Stixxx by Strawberry Delight. You can actually hear the force of the sucking from Strawberry’s fellatio technique that is actually quite appealing to the ears. Its the sound of a woman who is busy sucking some good dick with pride. Very few things in life sound as good as that. But even though she is sucking good dick, you still cannot get around sheer intensity of Strawberry’s mega-donk. She is simply blessed in the realm of “3-D Booty” territory – first coined by the great and legendary ass of Charmin BrownStrawberry Delight’s ass simply looks as if its going to come right out of the screen…

And once the dicksucking is done, Mr. Stixxx begins to fuck the pussy of Strawberry Delight so appropriately that it does just that! But not before he spreads those huge delicious hams wide, and ruthlessly attacks the phat pussy in between them. The big thighs alone just scream “Damn“, and the way Mr. Stixxx attacks the pussy with those huge thighs bouncing is just pure excellent XXX imagery. He just continues to beat the pussy of Strawberry Delight up by going hard in with – not balls deep strokes, but pelvis deep strokes, all to Strawberry’s…..delight (yes that was a cheap pun, but it fits).

And after a few more positions, all of which feature that monster ass, things then head to the floor, and this is when the action picks up even more, as we are treated to some on-the-feet cowgirl action which has Strawberry Delight just throwing that ass on towards the floor, making sure that pussy drops balls deep on the dick of Mr. Stixxx so hard that it looks like the ass might just jump out the screen (like we said, she’s a 3D Booty), and this is just excellent to watch. A true highlight of the scene…and from there, Mr. Stixxx just goes on long dick assault of the pussy rampage-style with a bent over doggystyle, which just sends strong tidal waves across all of her mighty ass.

A very nice intense fuck – that every fan of huge ass, and Strawberry Delight, simply must see. The energy was high, the dicksucking was intense, although we wish there would have been more of it. The fucking was just simply raw and unadulterated. And save for a few issues, none of which take away from the greatness of the fuck, this scene was a 101 tutorial on how to properly handle massive leviathan sized asses. So head over to, JOIN UP, and witness one of the biggest asses in XXX today, and watch in awe as she throws it, and Mr. Stixxx fucks the hell out of it!


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