Sofia Rose x Nirvana Lust Give Stellar Performance In Highly Anticipated FuckOff!


The Porn Gods have truly smiled upon us as they have finally blessed us with the release of the highly anticipated scene between the Spectacular Legend, Sofia Rose, & the rising insatiable fuckstar, Nirvana Lust! And…let us just call it what it is – this scene is pure FIRE!!! Sofia Rose & Nirvana Lust and what they have created, with the great help of male talent, Carlo, is an incredible scene that excels in performance, heat, and lust to make this performance one of 2018’s hottest scenes – brought to us once again by the good folks over at PlumperPass/Sensational Video. Sofia Rose x Nirvana Lust drop a true gem & an instant classic in their latest scene entitled “Big Baddie 3 Some“; and these two give us pure greatness!

Let us first say this…Sofia Rose, look absolutely fucking perfect in this scene. Her figure is flawless, with those big ass World Famous titties looking like “GAWD DAMN” & that ass now a bonifide Donk looking like “FUCK YES!!!” – just radiating sexiness. What ever she is doing may she not change a thing!  Nirvana Lust just looks delicious with those sexy eyes, and the sexy thighs…we already know within the first 30 seconds of the scene this is going to be pure magic….sorry we just had to express that real quick…now….

The premise of this performance is follows the popular Stepmom/Stepdaughter plotline…except Sofia Rose & Nirvana Lust do it better than any before them. They are both out and about in fantastic and hot Miami sun for a Mother/Daughter outing filled with shopping sprees galore with StepMom Sofia Rose’s beau, Carlo. Needing some water refreshement, Carlo takes a pit stop so that Sofia can purchase some water. And with Sofia Rose gone, that leaves the perfect opportunity for Nirvana Lust to seduce Carlo with her hypnotic eyes, and beautiful breasts. And she lets him know how much her stepmom talks about Carlo’s sexual skills…and with so much excellent bad girl behavior, and those intoxicating eyes of Nirvana Lust…its only a matter of time before Carlo succumbs touching those deliciously soft breasts of Nirvana Lust – and as luck would have it…Sofia Rose returns with water, and is flabbergasted at the scene she sees. And demands to be taken home. And once there StepMother Sofia voices her disappointment in both her stepdaughter Nirvana & her beau Carlo, and as punishment…she puts her Nirvana to the test for thinking she is ready for Carlo’s big dick, by teaching her how to be a grown-up by making her handle Carlo’s big dick!.

The action & lust builds to such extremes all throughout the beginning to explode in a sex-crazed fuck fest as soon as Carlo reveals his dick to the talents and abilities of Sofia Rose and Nirvana Lust! And even before the real action start –  watching these two ladies strip down with big titties everywhere as Carlo sucks and enjoys those breasts of wonder is almost enough to send us over the edge! But once his dick is revealed it is just non-stop sex savagery & lavish lust from then on out. Sofia Rose holding the dick while supervising the excellent sucking by Nirvana – who soon just goes all out and starts providing her patented sweet succulence sucking, while taking turns and learning from her stepmom who has mastered the sucking of Carlo’s dick – its just pure excellence. An incredible beast mode suck session from both ladies! One one of the many highlights of this scene being where the camera cuts an angle with both ladies doggystyle sucking the dick of Carlo while those monumentally ginormous & perfect asses just bounce and sway while they practice their fellatio arts.

And it does not take long before Carlo can wait no longer as he must plow balls deep inside Sofia Rose who’s ass is just so fucking stellar and perfect. She just looks so good taking Carlo’s dick from behind with consistent and repeated power strokes. And soon its Nirvana’s turn to receive the good dick – and receive it she does as Carlo punishes her pussy doggy style with all the pent up lust in his loins in full action driving his dick deep inside Nirvana’s pussy as her phat ass moves waves all around and she devours the pussy of Sofia! And the action just continues to get better and better as the 3some go from one postion to the other – from Sofia Rose taking dick deep missionary as Nirvana sucks upon one of adult entertainment’s greatest pair of breasts – to – Nirvana Lust throwing all that pussy and ass all down the shaft of Carlo, and taking turns with Sofia who rides for a magnificent reverse cowgirl which has to be seen to be belived. Those titties are just…just epic – And kudos to Nirvana Lust for sucking them every chance she gets!!! All leading to a killer cumshot where Carlo just unloads pints upon pints of hot cum all across the huge breasts of Nirvana and Sofia drenching both of them – with millions around the world joining him in doing the same (but drenching our screens and deep inside old socks – don’t judge us!)  as we watch the epic climax from this classic scene!!!

To say this scene is awesome is an understatement – this scene rocks on all levels, and as we said before has got to be on the list top scenes for 2018 so far. The chemistry between these two is just on another level sexually – and they both sell their performances of their characters in such a good way that it brings the scene together totally. Making this a prized must-see performance in each ladies catalog.  We have always called Sofia Rose – the Leading Lady of Voluptuous XXX and show flawlessly shows that she is worthy of that tag. And Nirvana Lust – with her being one of the industry and genre’s hottest fuckstars and performers…she just increases her demand in this scene as far as we are concerned – with this scene definitely being a great look for her to make top honors in this year’s PHAT Freshman Class!

This scene brings all that and more to the table. The ladies look scorching hot…and save for some minor flaws that have nothing to do with the talent…this scene damn near XXX perfection in all categories. Sofia Rose just looks fucking perfect, and shoutouts to Carlo for fucking these ladies properly. The hype surrounding this performance has definitely been justified as real. Head over to NOW and witness yet another classic performance and one that be talked about for awhile! Sofia Rose & Nirvana Lust….well done ladies, so fucking well done!!!


9.2 EPIC

PlumperPass does it again - The Combination of Sofia Rose & Nirvana lust is...simply stellar...their performances in character were great...and the sex was just amazing. Killer lust building throughout, and Sofia Rose's performance was just....well hell its Sofia Rose (who's ass is simply amazing) - It was awesome. Nirvana Lust shows out by delivering her style of fucking that has made her a favorite. And they both bring equal sizzling action to the scene - with the skill of not to overshadow one another which is great XXX action always! And Carlo...that lucky bastard...good work. This scene is one of the years best so far!!!

  • HEAT 9.5
  • ACTION 9.3
  • User Ratings (6 Votes) 7.8
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