The Great Sofia Rose…Has Invaded!


For years, we (as in all of the voluptuous adult community) have spoken on the the beauty, the mass sex appeal, the pure sexual talent, and just the sheer power of the woman that is Sofia Rose. We have marveled about the way she totally captivates every work she does. We continue to be amazed at the passion and skill she puts into each and every scene she does. And truly, just, in awe at how she was, will be, and has become an icon of the voluptuous XXX genre, perhaps “THE Icon” already in many respects. And we (as in PHAT) remember, in our very first interview with Sofia Rose, we said that “she is positioning herself to become a true Goddess of Voluptuous XXX, and the entire industry itself.“, and with the news that is gripping all of the Voluptuous Adult/XXX Community, AND XXX itself…Sofia Rose has, once again, proven that she is just that – a Goddess of XXX – as Sofia Rose has invaded “The World’s BEST HD Porn Site!” –……yes that one!

The news came out of the bleu and unexpectedly via Sofia Rose’s tweet:

…and before our brains could even process what the tweet, said, the subtext of it all, the semantics of the words used, and everything else – the timeline of Sofia Rose was flooded with congratulations & astonishment & happiness from all over the voluptuous adult community from peers, friends, & fans alike. And even that, increased seemingly 10 fold – when hundreds of thousands of fans & supporters, and horny men and women immediately took to – see if for themselves – Sofia Rose & Brazzers Woodsman, Michael Vegas…together! Sofia Rose looking like one of the most beautiful & delicious women on the planet with ass and titties for days…and Michael Vegas enjoying the goodness of the Goddess with jealousy of a one million men behind him….smh, (fuckin’ Michael Vegas……lol).

Now of course after our brains processed this news – the immediate next thought to us was – “Its about fucking time, why did you wait this long. Its fucking Sofia Rose!“. Then as the reality set in more and more, the gravity of this appearance became more and more clear. With this appearance, Sofia Rose has once again helped shatter the mold &  tremendously advance to the greater industry & world, the power & greatness of what Voluptuous Adult/XXX truly is. Sofia Rose has become the first pure BBW on – one of the biggest XXX membership sites in the world – the FIRST! …the FIRST!

Aside from the obvious – which is, the scene looks awesome – because its Sofia Rose so why wouldn’t it be – the effects that this has on the voluptuous XXX community as a whole is tremendous. Sofia Rose’s Brazzers debut will be a sledgehammer to barriers & walls that have plagued this genre as a whole. Which in turn will be more than beneficial for voluptuous adult/xxx entertainers of now & the future, paving new ways and opportunities for all those within to pursue, while continuing to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling so that this genre will continue to rise! has debuted one of Voluptuous XXX’s greatest representatives, ambassadors, and just plain greatest talents into its realm with Sofia Rose, and we definitely hope it is not the last of her, NOR do we hope its the last of other bbws. Especially with them knowing the power of our genre, and the love of this woman. Only time will tell, But – the all that matters right now is – Sofia Rose has invaded – and has once again shined her beacon of greatness more brightly, and now…to an even bigger audience.

Sofia Rose’s debut on is set to release – June 1st, 2019. Stay Tuned to – for more news & reviews on this scene and others.