Sofia Rose Gives Up The Good Candy In Halloween PlumperPass Release!


What kind of Halloween would it be if you do not have good treats to give – and the good folks over at PlumperPass have most certainly pulled out all the stops as they have given us one of the greatest treats in the World of Adult & Voluptuous Adult Entertainment. For the Long Awaited Return of The Great, Sofia Rose is finally here and she delivers a pure contest of great fucking in this soon-to-be classic Halloween special titled so appropriately “Wonder Pussy“.  And in this XXX feature, Sofia Rose gives us truly another marvel of hardcore sucking and fucking excellence that she knows no other way to give and adds another #MustSee #Banger to her ever expanding catalog of greatness.

To say that Sofia Rose is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the adult entertainment landscape would be an understatement while at the same time being true. The smile, the eyes, and the fucking supreme thickness is just always a sight to behold. And that is one of the first thing you can not help but notice in the latest feature from Sofia Rose. And after a very nice 4 minute preview of Sofia Rose’s curves including one of the phattest and most delicious pussies in the business, we go to Sofia Rose & her “boyfriend”, Sean, preparing for a Halloween Costume Party. And after a little bit of time of deciding what each should go as…Sofia Rose suggest her man go in the other room and try to choose an outfit and when he returns she will have a surprise costume for him. And once he returns, Sofia Rose uses her “Diana Prince” powers and transforms into her Wonder Woman costume…and of course as Sofia Rose’s superpower is the power of extreme lust, sucking, and fucking…her man can not help but to fall victim to it…and some serious fucking ensues.

The Halloween Party be damned, in that Wonder Woman costume that shows those hypnotic curves of Sofia Rose…fucking comes first and foremost every time. And Sean wastes no time in getting those big heavy and pendulous titties out of the confinement to play with and handle with reckless care. Those titties are simply amazing, and it doesn’t take long for Sofia Rose to succumb to the power of her own lust with such great titty handling, and she quickly takes position, pulls Sean thick meat out. Gives a mean hard wide tongue lick, wraps her tightly lips around its bulbous head – one suck, two suck, three suck, and then balls deep with the purposeful intent of a woman who was born to suck good dick. There is a beautiful vigor that Sofia Rose sucks and engulfs dick with…and you notice it especially as she looks into the camera. Those eyes just pull you into the scene to where you find yourself talking to her your damn self as she suck amazing dick. Sofia Rose dicksucking just gets better and better…and it looks so amazing especially when the camera cuts wide to reveal those magnificent huge tits slightly swaying as she sucks so marvelously.

And of course such a righteous & wonder-ous super powered fellatio session deserves a righteous titty fuck, that Sean gives…it even more so deserves a powerful fucking, which Sean also gives, and the first position is doggystyle…and that big ass taking dick fiercely and balls deep into the pussy of Sofia Rose is just what voluptuous XXX is all about! Just seeing her face instantly fall in lust as Sean pushes the head of his dick inside the goodness of her pussy says it all. And Sean proceeds to deliver a good deep fucking that men all over the world know she needs and deserves for being so fucking beautiful. Seeing those massive titties hang and rock back and forth just adds much more magic to an already magical fucking that we are witnessing. And just listening to the wetness of Sofia Rose’s good pussy as it salivates all over the dick of Sean is the perfect sound track to this great scene. But it only builds from there…

If there is one of many things that we love in a Sofia Rose scene, its watching her ride the hell out of dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. It is that position, that truly exemplifies why this woman is perhaps the top BBW in the business today. That beautiful face enjoying all the dick of Sean, those huge titties that just command your attention, and that phat pussy with the perfect bush that just accentuates its already perfect perfection…all that is on display as she rides Sean’s dick, loving every inch of it as she throws her pussy all the way to boundaries of the balls. And that’s her reverse cowgirl, when she goes to regular cowgirl, we just see so much of that big phat & wide ass that just demands your eyes attention and respect. Sofia Rose is truly is a Wonder Woman of voluptuous XXX.

And we could go on and on, especially with a missionary style, that finds Sean deep dicking to the deepest depths of Sofia Rose’s hungry pussy. The bottomline is that Sofia Rose. Delivers yet another incredible scene for the masses of voluptuous XXX fans around the world, and shows why she is one of the biggest names and draws in the business and genre. You must head to, PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION, and witness this future Hall of Famer deliver the best candy in the world for the Halloween season in her latest. She is just amazing.