Sofia Rose Gets Wet In Sizzling New PlumperPass Release


Is there anything quite as sexy and picturesque as the beautiful and sheer gorgeous visual of Sofia Rose….naked (or clothed for that matter), dripping wet, with soap suds nicely decorating her curves? We think not, and that is why we were hyped at the latest release of Sofia Rose from entitled, “Shower Fucking Sofia“. A very direct and to the point title, but behind that title is blend of sexy and erotica that is just captured so nicely. And how could it not be…its fucking Sofia Rose after all – and she turns in a very nice performance that takes break from the hardcore fucking she excels in as well, and as adds a very nice layer of couples style erotica that overlays the hardcore fucking in this new feature.

In short, the premise of the scene is basically Sofia Rose trying to hurry up and take a nice long shower before her scene beau, played by that lucky bastard Juan Largo, comes home. But as simple as such a premise is, the entirety of the scene focuses around the beauty of Sofia Rose entirely. By first displaying to voluptuous morsel of XXX greatness on the phone – and in this we just see the amazing nature that is the body of Sofia Rose as she is in motion, walkinvg back and forth, with her luscious curves acting accordingly with her sensual movements. And this continues after her phone call is over, where we are treated to sensual striptease, which we like to call a “tour” of Sofia Rose’s body. Just to see this nymph beauty, with those huge mammoth-sized breasts – which always seem to grow more and more every time we see them – so sexually and silkily (which is the best way we can describe it) put on display for the viewer, followed by so much ass that she possess as well shown is just what makes Sofia Rose so fucking hot and the top BBW in the business.

And this showcasing carries on into her shower, where she lets the water add a glistening shine to her already total sexiness, as she uses the shower head to provide pleasure and comfort to her body, and especially that oh-so-phat pussy. This woman is just a spectacular sight to behold…and one that we can never tire of.

And it just so happens to be a sight that her boyfriend, Juan, can never tire of either – as he arrives and takes his time watching his stunning woman enjoy pleasuring shower. But when your girlfriend is Sofia Rose, its only so much you can stand before you have to have this woman and sex her up something proper. And before you know it, Juan, is joining her in the shower, sliding, rubbing his hands all over her as he should, and massaging, kneading, and sucking those amazingly perfect titanic breasts of hers, while lathering her body up with soaps. And with such huge breasts lathered up properly, its only right that some great titfucking happen. Which is nice to behold, but what is even nicer is watching him pick the leg of Sofia Rose up in the air, and slide and stuff that hot wet pussy of Sofia Rose from behind. The camera does a great job of capturing her phat lightly haired and perfectly manicured pussy getting stuffed with nothing but hard wet dick courtesy of Juan Largo. With an arm full of hams, Juan Largo is just enjoying the pussy of Sofia Rose, and you cannot help but enjoy the action especially as the jumbo breasts of Sofia Rose react with mini bounces and sways as she gets good dick.

While not to spoil too much, we must mention that watching the doggystyle in the shower was a personally favorite highlight of ours, just something about seeing Sofia Rose’s beautiful face, in conjunction with her taking dick from behind and seeing all of that phat ass, plus watching those huge breasts just hang in there eternal perfection…its just one of the greatest visions of XXX greatness ever. And finally we are treated by Sofia Rose’s unique dicksucking that has to be hypnotic – we are convinced. I mean to look into the deep intoxicating eyes of this woman as she has her mouth stuffed with dick…it just has to send pleasant micro-orgasms to your soul. This woman just looks fucking excellent with dick in her mouth – plain and simple. All of which leads to a nice release of Juan’s soul all across Sofia Rose’s face for a nice finale.

Sofia Rose has always made a reputation of showing her ability to switch between multiple styles of XXX – from sensual sex, to intense deep sex, all the way to straight hardcore fucking. And in this short, very short (to us) scene…she gives us a taste of all three. While those looking for an all out fuckfest will not find that in this scene, but what you will find is the beautiful Sofia Rose once again excelling at creating beautiful artful XXX in a shower. Continuing to show her versatility as she continues to transcend the porn landscape. And of course we had had a short runtime of pure fucking. And we would have enjoyed it even more if it would have led from the shower to a bed so that Juan & Sofia Rose could really let loose. And we would have loved more head – this scene differs and in a way gives us exactly what is required for what this scene is.  Definitely worth a great look, and to do that – head over to, join the site, and witness a well shot, well captured, erotically sizzling scene featuring the current Queen of Voluptuous Adult & XXX – the one and only Sofia Rose!