Sofia Rose Brings Her Own “360” Deal To Jax Slayher In Latest PlumperPass Banger


Not since the days of the GOAT Sarah Young, have we seen an adult/XXX entertainer bring quite the formulaic blend of stunning, seduction, suction, and superior massive ass and titties all in one package like the GREAT Sofia Rose has! Her rise has been legendary, and that’s not only thanks to that aformentioned great blend of attributes, but also her ability to command a scene while fucking and getting fucked brilliantly in it. And in this latest and highly anticipated scene from the good folks over at, we have The Great, Sofia Rose teaming up with Jax Slayher all in the hopes of reaching fame and stardom through a record deal in her latest classic and (yet another) #CertifiedBanger, “Sofia’s Mic Skills“.

Now we mentioned back in mid-April this year that this scene had been finished and was just being polished up for its release. And we also mentioned that if you team the duo of Jax Slayher – widely known for destroying pussies, phat & small, with reckless abandonment, with Sofia Rose, the Queen – Now – Matriarch of Voluptuous XXX, who’s sheer beauty along with fucking awesome thickness, and dare we say magical pussy that summons male talent to relentless fuck the hell and damnation out of her – that you would get a fucking outstanding display of sex, lust, and purified rawness; well, let us just save you some time and let you know that we were right again. Sofia Rose & Jax Slayher bring an awesome treat of great XXX in this Banger.

Sofia Rose’s Reverse Cowgirl Technique Is Legend & Shown Nicely in PlumperPass’ “Sofia’s Mic Skills”!

This scene is all about Sofia Rose set to meet up with Jax Slayher, who is CEO of the hottest record label in voluptuous XXX…PlumperPass Records, to try and convince to make her the newest singer on the the roster. However after some trouble with some her bars, Jax (Lyons), does not think that Sofia is quite skiled enough for a deal just yet. But as we all know, the music industry is all about marketing and negotiation – two things which Sofia Rose is certainly skilled at, and she negotiates her own deal utilizing her own massive “360 Deals” – i.e. those huge tits and ass. That Sofia Rose is one hell of a negotiator!

This scene is an action-packed, well paced scene full killer angles and just fucking great action from the jump. Plot aside, Sofia Rose’s command of the dick of Jax with her head game is just downright seductive and crotch-hardening. Its just a joy seeing Sofia Rose tame the beast dick of Jax Slayher futilely, but beautifully, all while flashing those intoxicating eyes that seem to put Jax under a spell of savagery. The director does a great job of focusing on Rose’s massively massive tits all throughout the scene. Her giant breasts are the centerpiece through Jax’s devourment of her sweet pussy, as well as her fierce titty fuck on his dick. All of which serve to do one thing – and that is prime Jax up to release all of his carnal savagery deep within the loins of Sofia Rose.

A charged up Jax Slayher goes to work on the pussy of Sofia Rose in a multitude of positions, that range in intensity – from the beautiful missionary – which has Jax pacing his self from the “GawdDammit” that is her pussy while feasting on those huge tits, to the doggystyle which shows Jax going balls deep inside the phat pussy of Sofia, even pulling her hair to dominate while fitting in an extra millimeter or 4 of dick insde – all while those huge tits are being beautifully captured. But are personal highlight of the scene, is Sofia Rose’s Cowgirl. There are many visuals that can define what the essence of Voluptuous XXX is, and Sofia Rose’s reverse cowgirl is one of them. Just watching this woman slide her pussy up and down all the dimensions of Jax Slayher’s dick, with those giant titties bouncing to the rhythm of her pussy being fully stuffed…its just excellent Sofia Rose that is always like the very first time you see it.

Not to spoil the whole scene, but Sofia Rose brings forth a hell of a Banger, with great acting from Voluptuous XXX’s leading lady. We all knew that the combination of Sofia Rose & Jax Slayher was nothing but guaranteed fire – and this scene brought all of that and then some. Great chemistry, great fucking, and just greatness all around make this a #MustSee scene that is available only by heading over to & buying a subscription. As for Good Mic Skills, Sofia Rose once again shows why hers are second to none – #BANGER!

Sofia & Slayher Together Now You Know You In Trouble!


Everything it was destined to be. Sofia Rose & Jax deliver an outstanding offering of carnality and hard fucking. Jax delivers a hard fuck to Sofia Rose, and Sofia Rose graciously takes it and delivers her own via her signature cowgirl. Sofia's head game is seductively very nice, doesn't try to do the impossible, only excel at what she does well. The sex is simply great. Classic action. Lighting is perfect balance, Audio is top notch. Angles well captured, keeping it titty focused. Another Sofia Rose #Banger & #MustSee.

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