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To say that Sofia Rose has changed the game of Voluptuous XXX would be an understatement. This woman’s beauty, thickness, sex appeal, skills, and just flat out kick-ass body create the basis of what good XXX, let alone voluptuous XXX is all about – now we will not get into a lengthy discussion of “Sofia Rose, how do we love thee, let us count the ways” – because that would be a very lengthy article. What we will get into is the latest scene from the XXX Superstar on PlumperPass, entitled “Dickin The Boss”, in which Sofia Rose deliver a grand performance of acting, sucking, and fucking that is simply hypnotic to the eyes and generous to the loins.

In this latest scene,  Sofia Rose plays a hard ass Boss, who has caught her employee, Marco, jerking off on the job. Tired of his shenanigans, Sofia Rose decides to make Marco beg to keep his job. And after she confronts Marco on his fireable offenses – she demands that Marco convince her to keep his job. And after putting him on his knees – and those huge luscious breasts in his face – Marco figures out just the thing to keep him employed – and he starts by pulling those massive magnanimous mammary glands out of Sofia Rose’s bra and dress & proceeds to suck on them like his job depends on it.

This latest scene from Sofia Rose is classic fuckfest mixed with a sensuality to it. As it gives us the viewers a chance to see Sofia Rose’s body thoroughly enjoyed like its supposed to be. Starting off with Marco, taking  his time to expertly and appropriately suck, maul, and handle the huge titties of Sofia Rose. Worshiping those massive titties just as we all wish we could, this definitely puts Sofia Rose in the mood and is just a great visual awesome titty sucking on some of the most beautiful breasts to ever grace the camera.

The lovely Sofia Rose is always rewarding of those who worship her grand titties, and Marco learns this the good way after that enticing titty suck, as Sofia Rose releases his dick and instantly begins to throat, and suck, and swallow, and stuff her mouth good dick. Sofia Rose is just so awesome to watch give head. Those eyes, that beautiful face, along with her genuine joy of sucking that she always gives is just a trifecta of oral brilliance. And while sucking and blessing Marco’s dick with succulent kisses and sucks, along with balls to head licks…she comes up with the idea that if Marco can pleasure her today and everyday his job is safe. To which Marco has no objections.

And from here on out what we get is nothing but fantastic fucking from Sofia Rose & Marco. Let us be honest, not only can Sofia Rose fuck, but she looks flawless when getting fucked. From her doggystyle, just watching all of those huge, heavy, and juicy titties sway back and forth, while all of that ass just bounces from Marco’s thrusts of hard dick – Sofia Rose is just fucking incredible. And perhaps the one of the greatest highlights of the entire scene (…at least for us) is watching Sofia Rose go reverse cowgirl. The camera goes wide, and we get a sensational view of the complete supreme thickness that is Sofia Rose. Those huge and full mega breasts, thick belly, and some of the greatest hams ever that just look so delicious (hams = huge thighs), all of that in unision being stuffed with good dick in between that sweet, pretty, phat and well manicured pussy! My GEESH – we simply love this woman. And Sofia Rose is clearly loving the dick of Marco as she bounces ridiculously on his dick over and over and over again. That sight alone makes this scene a #BANGER.

Even when she goes to regular cowgirl we are treated to one of the most nicest, most beautiful, and most phattest asses in the business being thrown on the dick of Marco with such angst and fierceness. Sofia Rose definitely loves good dick. And even the missionary is just on such point. Her legs spread nice to give us the perfect view of that pussy getting stuffed, and those titties reacting to its fucking. Sofia Rose is just fucking excellent.

This is latest from Sofia Rose is just simply an amazing fuck, all around. The angles captured, the lighting, the sensuality – all fucking top notch. And with a 30 minute runtime with a large portion of that being the set up to the sex – the action feels like its very long. Which is always good. Sofia Rose & co-star Marco deliver an excellent scene – and it is simply a Must-See that will play well especially as we begin to approach Awards Season. Quite simply – Sofia Rose delivers another classic and grand fuck that will leave you amazed and replaying it over and over. Kudos to the good folks and the director over at PlumperPass – head over there, join up and bare witness to phenomenal Sofia Rose!



Sofia Rose Continues To Prove Why She Is The Best!

8.4 Awesome

Sofia Rose delivers a fantastic fuck that delivers on lust, eroticism, and action. Wonderful acting & play from Rose as she plays the role of the Boss quite well. Eroticism is heightned from a great buildup of sexual energy due in large part to Sofia Rose's stellar beauty and how she captures a scene. Action is hard, hot, and heavy. Great fucking in a variety of postiions with great capturing of those positions by the director. Plot build up was a long - but the action more than made up for it. Another classic scene for the catalog of Sofia Rose. She is just great as always.

  • HEAT 8.9
  • ACTION 8.9
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 9.6