Sofia Rose: Back For The First Time


In an industry where successful longevity is only awarded to the rare select few in adult modeling – Legendary Voluptuous Adult model, Sofia Rose, is has become an icon of the highest order. However, in late 2012, Sofia Rose officially made her XXX debut on and instantly became an icon all over again.

To say a feat of this magnitude is nearly impossible is an understatement for most. For Sofia Rose however, it was all apart of the plan. For she is not like most in this industry. She has become the example of success that women in the industry strive to achieve. With little over a decade of pure Adult Modeling under her belt, Sofia Rose has accomplished more success than nearly any voluptuous adult model before her in the history of the genre. Her modeling career along is 4x to 5x longer than the XXX careers of all women in hardcore adult video. And now with her finally kicking down the door of XXX herself, she is positioning herself to become a true Goddess of Voluptuous XXX, and the entire industry itself.

Who can stop the 2nd coming of Sofia Rose…only she can, and she has made it crystal clear…she isn’t stopping anytime soon! You have been in adult modeling for years, what made you decide to want pursue XXX now?

The planets aligned right I guess (laughs). No, I’ve been going back on it for the past two years. I’ve been talking to Clint at Sensational for probably 5 or 6 years. Things just weren’t right in my life at the time. In 2010 I started to pursue the idea again since everything finally fell into place, I came very close [to doing it]in 2011 and then things changed again for me. 2012 came and everything just worked out. Clint has been very wonderful to me, taking good care of everything, making me feel comfortable, and making the transition into XXX easy. So because of that I was finally able to give everybody what they wanted.

Were you hearing a huge amount of commotion from fans to do XXX?

Yeah, I’ve heard it for years that people wanted me to do it and now that I’ve crossed over, everybody just wants more. It’s like I can produce [movies]fast enough. I mean that’s how it feels, everyone wants me to do everything right away and there’s so much to be done…and I’m just one person (laughs). It takes time to set things up, and as much fun as I have with it I do have to travel to do it. It’s going to take some time but I’m trying to make everybody happy.

When you first got into modeling was XXX always part of the plan, or was it more of a “Let’s wait until the right moment presents itself?”?

Yeah, from the beginning I’ve been approached on it and I wasn’t ready for it. I was still a mother to a young child and at the time that wasn’t something I wanted out there. Now that she’s a young adult I feel better about it. I didn’t think I would ever crossover to [XXX]. I actually thought I was going to retire; I had planned on retiring in 2012 altogether. But, like I said, the circumstance presented themselves right – and I just went for it, now I don’t plan to retire anytime soon. (laughs).

Well we are definitely happy to hear that! We thank those circumstances for working themselves out. What you are most known for, at this point in your career, is your adult modeling…for now. How did you get started in adult modeling?

Back in 2005, when I was living in California, a photographer had approached me. That had happened to me pretty frequently but I never gave it much thought. But this photographer approached me. Of course I thought he was just trying to get in my pants, and I laughed at him, he was very persistent. He said to me “I have been shooting for years. You definitely have a look. There’s a niche market it out there and you can really rock it if you do this”. And I was like, “yeah, yeah, yeah”. He then showed me a bunch of photos he had taken, and his portfolio was amazing. One of the models he had photographed was Jenna Jameson – and I was like “Wow, he’s for real”. This isn’t some random girl, this is Jenna Jameson. So he asked me to sit and talk to him and we went to a local Denny’s and we discussed some possibilities, he showed me some of his current work and I was blown away. So I went ahead and did some test photos with him and we produced about 5 or 6 sets. I took some of those sets and submitted them to several people – and the response was overwhelming. Everybody got back to me within 72 hours, and was ready to book me and I was just like…”OH MY GOD! I’m not ready to do this!” (laughs), like I didn’t expect it to turn out this way. And then the rest is history. Bodacious [Magazine], Juggmaster, and Score, were all people who got right back to me. I shot with Juggmaster and Bodacious almost within a week of each other. And that was around the end of 2006. Then in 2007, I really started getting going, that’s when I launched my website and had a fan base. I had content and a huge following on MySpace, so I had all this encouragement to do something. I guess you can say ‘It All Happened In A Denny’s!”. (laughs).

The Power of Denny’s.

We met at that Denny’s and the rest is history. If he hadn’t pushed me so hard I wouldn’t have done it. It’s so funny when I look back at that, I remember being so afraid to just be topless. I remember everything he shot. I never took of my bottoms, I was so scared – and now I’m full nude and everything (laughs). It’s crazy how it happened.

I think that story needs to be an autobiography. I know a lot of men and women in this business are prepared to fail. But a lot of them aren’t prepared to succeed. Success came to you rather instantly. How were you able to deal with it?

I felt like I was born for it actually (laughs). I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant. I always wanted to be in show business. I think I got lucky. I think my timing was right when I first got out as a model. And I think at the time the market was really looking for something different and unique, and I think it was just my timing. I got lucky. I do think it can be overwhelming. You have to take a lot of negative hate, and a lot of backlash. You have to prepare for that. It’s not all good. But you take the good with the bad. I think it’s hard for a lot of girls who get into the business to realize that. Especially with us being voluptuous women in general. It’s easy for some I think life has taught me how to handle negativity. I was born for it. I’m really excited to be in Vegas and meet all of my fans. I’ve met my fans in the of them to be brought down, but I have maintained the support. And past, but never as a XXX star. I’m excited and I’m ready for it. I thoroughly enjoy meeting people and taking photos, and talking with fans. It’s always flattering to hear people say they have been watching me for years. I’m ready for it.

As you know it’s really hard to achieve longevity in this business, especially as an adult model that doesn’t do XXX. What is your Sofia Rose’s secret to lasting this long, especially as an adult model that didn’t do any XXX, to now an instant XXX superstar?

You know I always say I keep everybody wanting more, but eventually you think that you have done everything. But there are always other things that people want to see you do, and I’m very good at making people wait. And the more you make people wait for something, the more they want it. Then when you have it for them, people are eager to have it. Even right now, in the middle of all this XXX, everybody wants to see this scene or that scene, ‘when is she going to do girl on girl’, or ‘when is she going to do multi guy?’ – it’s going to happen, but I’m going to time it and pace it because I know that that makes my career last longer. That and I’m a professional tease (laughs). I think the biggest thing is that I’m lucky to be unique in the market and that’s what makes people keep wanting me. And it’s always fun for me when I hear young me say “OH I found you!’, and they are just getting into discovering what they like sexually. And they think I’m the new thing, but in actuality, they just found me (laughs). And I think that’s the other part of it, people are always coming into the market and discovering, so you just have to keep yourself visible. So it’s also about visibility, but not oversaturation. I think a lot of girls jump into this, they do everything, and then they are burnt out. So I stay visible, but keep myself from being oversaturated.

The XXX has been crazy. I have gone through like 10 boxes of Kleenex watching you already. So not only can we get Denny’s endorsements but Kleenex endorsements for you too. Prior to you actually doing XXX, did you consult other XXX actresses in the biz for advice?

Umm, yes and no. I mean, it’s something I had been wanting to do for years and had come close so many times. I’m very close to the Publisher and Editor of Bodacious, I consider them family. They have a lot of feedback to give me and I trust their feedback. Then there are others who have been in touch with me such as Clint and a couple of individuals at Score. I kind of built a long relationship with them, even though I wasn’t’ working for them yet. So I did listen to what they had to say. There are a lot of smaller companies that want to work with me, and I know what my expectations are. So I kind of take a lot of people opinions and formulate my own plan. Then as far as the actresses go, the ladies I know I feel like I know on a personal level, I’ve been to their house and everything. They have had a big role in this business that they really know who the right people are to work with given that they know me on a personal level and know what my expectations are. They have a lot to do with me saying yes to Sensational, and Score eventually.

Now that you have been initiated in XXX, which one is easier? XXX or Adult Modeling?

I think that the XXX video aspect is the hardest part of the whole thing. I think I’m a natural when it comes to photos – and it’s easy, it’s very easy. I mean its all work; it all takes timing and planning, and hair and makeup, and wardrobe. But even doing stills for the XXX comes easier than the actual video itself. I think people really underestimate how much work goes into the video. It was shocking to me to see how much work there was. I mean I was ready for it, but I was just like “WOW! These are long days, long hours!” I know the video looks great, but it takes a long time to get 30 minutes of good footage. There’s a lot of stopping and going. And I won’t lie – there’s a lot of times I’ve walked away sore (laughs), in pain. Its work and it’s a lot harder than I think people realize. But I have a lot of fun with it regardless. Long days, long nights, getting tired – I have fun with it. I have been lucky to work with some really great people, so they make it comfortable and fun. We’re all laughing at the end of the day and enjoying it for what it is.

Well you know what they say “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Exactly and I have the best job on earth. I can honestly say that. I do enjoy my work, a lot!

So who did you work with first, was it Sensational or Score?

I worked with Sensational first. Clint made the circumstances and everything comfortable for me. So (laughs) he’s always teasing me saying that I’m high maintenance or Miss Diva, but I’m really not (laughs). It’s just that when I first came into this business [the XXX business]I was so nervous about so many things, the male talent, and that type of stuff. But [Clint] is a very professional guy and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him over the years. He just made me very comfortable so that I was less nervous. And now I feel like it’s easy. I can just go and not be nervous like I used to be. Score has a very different setup involved. They were very accommodating and made me feel very comfortable. And they’ve been working for many years, like Clint, to get me working with them too. So, I lucked out and they helped me get accommodations the way I wanted them so that I could feel comfortable. But Clint signed me up first and I really enjoy the relationship with him. He’s a great person to work for.

You kind of represent a timeline so to speak. When you first got started voluptuous adult entertainment was just still struggling to be taken seriously – fast forward to now, it’s the fastest growing genre in all adult entertainment. Do you see yourself as an example of the tremendous gains the love for voluptuous adult entertainment has become?

Umm, to an extent yes. I know that it was out there way before I got involved. But I think it was more of a fetish when I first got started, or started thinking about it. I think that my timing was right. When I started modeling it was really starting to get a lot of momentum. As time has gone on women like me have made [the genre]move quicker and get more visibility on all aspects. Now there’s still a lot of drama between the people who all about size acceptance vs. the adult side of things, but regardless of what people say, men are always going to look at porn. And with clothes on our off, men want to see what they want to see. Porn is such a huge business, and it’s always going to be there, and it’s only going to get bigger – but it’s really growing in our market. People are shocked, and that’s what gets the attention. I really do feel that [voluptuous xxx]is pushing mainstream acceptance of [voluptuous women].

So BBWFanfest coming, I hear that Sofia Rose is going to be there! Is that true?

Yes, I will be there. I will be signing with PlumperPass. I will be at their booth, and I will be happily meeting everybody. I’m going to be in Vegas for 10 days.

Will you be doing any new scenes while you’re out there – anything you can tell us, or is it all hush hush?

I don’t have any plans at this point. But I do plan on going to Miami pretty soon. And I plan to go back to Miami one or two more times before Vegas. While I am in Vegas it will be work, but I expect it to be all BBWFanFest related – not necessarily video. I try to tack on photo shoots for photographers who are trying to work with me, or add me to their portfolio. If I can accommodate I will, but it doesn’t always work out. I mean I get down there I’m also on vacation too (laughs). So I want to have some fun.

So I guess, as far as XXX goes, we can call you a rookie, but you are still one of the Legendary veterans as far as adult modeling goes. What is your ultimate goal in XXX?

I don’t know! (laughs) I didn’t expect a question like that. I didn’t really go into it with any goals in mind. I just wanted to have fun and enjoy it for what it is. Like I said, I was getting ready to retire, so I said to myself ‘if I’m going to retire let me go out with a bang!’ So there I am (laughs), and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon now, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. But my goal was to go out with a bang, but now that I have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response – the last thing I want to do is let everyone down; including my fiancé’ – he’s a huge fan. He loves Score. Every time he hears something new is about to happen he can’t wait to see it himself. So as long as that supports there, that always helps keep me going. There’s still so much I can do – I can’t see myself retiring anytime soon.

Well please give your fiancé our insanely jealous regards

(laughs) He understands, he really does.

Is there anyone you want to particularly work with, either man or woman?

Not particularly no. People ask me that frequently. I know the male talent that’s already out there that works in the BBW adult community – I have no issues with any of them. I rely on Clint and the people at Score to line me up with the right people. And what I mean by that is I have been very clear on the types of individuals that I’ll work with. Some cocky guy walks in the room, I’m not going to work with him. And they know that – I’m a very professional person, but I can be a bitch just like anyone else. So if some guy crosses me the wrong way, I will be a bitch. But for the most part, I haven’t had any negative experiences with any of the male talent. I have had certain ones online that say things like “well you’re lucky I want to work with you!”, and I’m like ‘excuse me?!?! I can take you or leave you’, (laughs). So I don’t have a list of people I have to work with. I have had people come up to me that want to work with me – and I don’t say no necessarily, especially if they were already male talent for companies. Eventually I’m I’ll work with everybody that’s in the group in whatever capacity the scene ends up being. But I’m not going to push for any one individual. There are plenty of celebrities that I would love to do though (laughs), but who doesn’t have that wish list (laughs).

Tell us about the website now that you have made the transition to XXX?

Well my membership grows every time something new comes out. I’m actually in the process of trying to change some things with my website – I just haven’t gotten too far, been busy with everything else that I haven’t been able to focus on it as much as I would like too, so that we can go ahead and incorporate the XXX into it. I offered homemade style XXX videos on there before, but they aren’t really the quality of what I have been currently producing. So I want to get more videos that are of that level. But I’m still not sure if I’m going to be able to pull it all together. I don’t really want to deal with a whole lot of male talent and things like that. So we are still working out those kinks and trying to see how we can offer more geared towards XXX without involving all the male talent that I’ve worked with. I kind of want to keep those things to the professionals, but I know some people want to see that – so we are still working things out, trying to fine tune it.

Well I guess for more information follow Sofia Rose on Twitter.

Yeah, Twitter (@BBWSofiaRose) is the way to find me. I use that pretty frequently and if I’m not someone else is that’s working for me. But that is where I’m busiest. A lot of people think that I’m on Facebook; there are several Facebooks of me out there. THEY ARE NOT ME. THEY ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH ME.

So Facebook alert, there is NO Official Sofia Rose page or profile on Facebook.

It is kind of interesting to see what they right about me though. It’s pretty funny. (laughs). But there’s only one official

and that’s Twitter.

Well Miss Rose, once again thank you for taking the time out of your busy and hectic schedule to talk with us. So we can expect…or is there an estimated time release for your next PlumperPass release?

Ummm, well I’m not allowed to say (laughs). I will just say follow PlumperPass on Twitter, as well as me. And whatever he does I will follow too, because I don’t want to jump the gun on anything. But I am heading to Miami in a few days. Clint gets just as excited about it as I do so I’m sure he will be working on it as fast as he can get it to post production. It’s still up to him. But we still have some pretty hot, or as he put it “GROUNDBREAKING HOT!!!” sex scenes that are coming out.

Epic groundbreaking scenes are everyday with Clint. Any upcoming releases with Score, or is it about the same?

Same thing with Score, just waiting to get the next booking out there. I know we have gotten an overwhelming response to it. But it’s all about timing. So that’s coming up soon. They are a little slower on the releases but that’s because they have many different sites that they manage. So they take a little longer. But it’s coming – and there “might” be some others out there (laughs). I’m trying to accommodate.

Well we definitely appreciate that. So far all the new fans that are reading this for the first time, where can they contact you at and what’s the website again?

Easiest is @BBWSofiaRose, and the website is I try to respond as often as I can, I can’t get to everybody, but I do try.

Any last words for the fans before we go?

I can’t thank everybody enough for all the support and positive feedback. I really, really, truly, truly appreciate it. It means so much to me and I hope I get to meet everybody at BBWFanfest. If you haven’t contemplated going before, this will be a good reason to go now. I will be meeting and greeting everybody who comes to the PlumperPass booth. Glad to take pictures and sign whatever. I’m there to have a good time and see the fans. And I heard they were giving away dinner dates, or something like that too – so you never know…maybe you could be the lucky one.