Red Thunda & All That Donk Debut on


There is definitely a new donk era that has been coming onto the voluptuous XXX genre. A big booty renaissance, if you will, that is even pushing the dimensions of just how big we thought big asses could get, as well as the outstanding performances that the ladies that own these wonderous asses can display. And has added a new face to this new era as they debut a lovely newcomer with donk by the pound that goes by the name of Red Thunda.
  Now, the lovely Red Thunda comes to us by way of Texas – which by chance is another check mark in our longstanding belief that the state of Texas is/has become the #1 state for incredible donks – and she makes her debut on the Highway with their leading woodsman, Don Prince.

Now what can we say that isn’t obvious – Red Thunda is a beautiful bbw. Quite lovely – who happens to have such supreme thickness with those thighs & just so much ass that bounces and sways with even the slightest movement – just so much ass. But on top of all that, and even more important – Red Thunda showcases a genuine love for the dick, for the sex that comes across very easily on camera. And it is that unique enjoyment that she brings which makes her stand out in this scene. That and it is just a joy to watch her get fucked. Watching Don Prince handle & tame all of Red Thunda’s donk as it bounces uncontrollably with every thrust he stuffs deep inside her – it just captures the attention so nicely. And it makes for a great showing for the newcomer as she adds what we hope is the first of a catalog of many scenes.

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