Queen Spit aka Damaris Rivera Unleashes On The Dick


There are not many ladies in the world of voluptuous XXX that can keep re-evolving their head and sex games to adapt to any situation, while at the same time maintaining their position as one of the genre’s most beloved & admired fuckstars. Then again, not many ladies are Damaris Rivera…who has done all those things and more. The unique & always evolving skills and abilities that Damaris executes on dick with lustful perfection has made her a fan favorite the world over. Why – well, we thing we have figured it out the secret – and that is Damaris Rivera’s immaculate head game & phat pussy transforms mere mortal men, to sex ravaged beasts – who have no choice but to fuck the shit out of her until she has what she wants – their soul all over her. And with her return to Nasty Network famed site – SubSluts.com, Damaris Rivera links up with Mr. Finesse to bring a grand fuck that is a must-see classic!

Damaris Rivera exhibits her Savage Mastery of the fellatial arts with perfection in this latest scene – and it just looks so damn good. And to the untrained eye, she is simply just eating the dick disrespectfully…and fuck if that isn’t the best way in the world to eat dick. But what she is really doing…in addition to eating that dick disrespectfully is blessing that dick. Its almost as if every time the dick enters her mouth, her tongue and tonsils cast a spell on it, speak to in in the form of intense pleasure. I mean fuck, her head is so good it speaks to us, and we are just watching it. And all of that powerful dicksucking amps up the lust of Mr. Finesse to what we can only call “Super Saiyan” levels…because once Damaris Rivera releases the dick from her throat…Finesse implants all the dick into the phat pussy of Damaris and proceeds to beat the pussy up with reckless abandonment.

Finesse engages in his own brand of dick savagery deep within the pussy of Damaris Rivera. I mean literally just throwing dick in the pussy of Damaris, beating it up. And what one of the things that makes the scene pop, is that the energy never decreases. Like we said earlier…there is just something about that head and pussy, that makes dicks want to just go harder and harder and harder – and Finesse goes ham to be damned repeatedly inside Damaris. Until, he releases his soul in a power cumshot across in the eyes and face of the Brooklyn Python.

I mean its fucking Damaris Rivera, her dicksucking is legendary, and her fucking makes for some of the greatest sexing the business. And what’s scary is…she still hasn’t reached her peak. Its hard to imagine that damn head game getting better, but she is consistently improving it – mastering new styles and techniques. Some of which she shows in this latest #CertifiedBanger!!!

Damaris Rivera is back & she brings another classic with the help of Mr. Finesse. Go to SubSluts.com, JOIN UP and watching one of voluptuous adult entertainments most impressive phenom fuckstars NOW!!!

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