PoundHard Releases Anciticpated Feature The All-Star Oral Backcourt of NotMyEqual x Lucky The Head Doctor


NotMyEqual – since her debut into the industry this woman has made her impact onto the industry/genre loud and clear in part by delivering up & becoming one of XXX’s most salacious & diabolical oralists…period. Lucky, The Head Doctor – her head game is quickly gaining notoriety for its fluid savagery of classic technique that is reminiscent of oralist legend & GOAT, Menage Trois (look up Menage Trois – she was a one of the meanest with it). Put these two ruthless oralists together and what you get is, perhaps, one of the most dynamic fellatio backcourts ever seen…

So who else than the good folks over at PoundHard Entertainment to have the notion to combine these savage superheads together to go on a rampage of dicksucking supremacy in there latest release entitled – “Double Monster Head Job“. Long story short…the title speaks for itself.

What we have here is an exhibition of wild finesse & calm chaotic dicksucking as these two future legends of head take turns snatching the soul from PoundHard’s Jae Legend. Each of these ladies bring their two unique & distinct head techniques and bring them together for a symphony of mouth-watering succulence on the dick of Jae Legend

Elite dicksucking at its finest from the ThroatGoat, NotMyEqual & Lucky The Head Doctor, as the turn in a absolute #MustWatch Performance of Oral Supremacy. The Full Scene is available now at PoundHardXXX.com.

…and if these two ladies weren’t enough – PoundHard has also released another always in-demand dicksucking freestyle featuring The ThroatGoat, NotMyEqual in “Ice Cream Throat”. And in this showcase NotMyEqual sucks up the dick of Jae Legend with a vanilla ice cream chaser. Consistently throating and swallowing the dick relentlessly showing off her technique that has made her one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s most elite oralists.

Its so so nice to see NotMyEqual in action, especially in pure sux mode where we get to see her focus solely on eating the dick up, they are always the purest of fire – and this one, along with her collabo with Lucky make for a hellified oral double feature that has to be witnessed.

Head over to PoundHardXXX.com and witness these two titans of succulence go hard and perform the greatest artistry on the dick.