PoundHard Releases “The Escapees” Promo Featuring NotMyEqual x Kurvy Star


PoundHard Ent. has developed a reputation of putting together the right mixes of ass, action, and aggression to create the classic bangers that the masses want to see. It has become their mantra one could say – the biggest asses the industry has to offer, pounded out ruthlessly and flawlessly. And we all know that label head, Jae Legend, has built his reputation on, quite literally, destroying the biggest ass in adult entertainment history – we (the masses) were always curious on what would happen if you put two of the biggest ass the entire industry has ever seen together for him to tackle solo. Well, staying true to their reputation, PoundHard has just released another classic promo, for their latest upcoming featurette, “The Escapees“, featuring NotMyEqual, Kurvy Star, and starring Shemi Cocoa.

NotMyEqual, an all-around powerhouse of XXX excellence – excelling in the golden trifecta of fucking, sucking, and ass/titties galore – all since day one. Kurvy Star, new rookie sensation with way more ass than a little bit, but a love and lust for the craft that is sex and knows how to handle the dick, and throw the ass at the same time. These two massively ass-ed women assemble to make one of the best big booty backcourts ever in this latest release; in which Jae Legend is watching television with Shemi, when he notices a news update informing that two killers have recently escaped a maximum security facility and that they are armed and extremely dangerous. But, out of all that, Jae Legend cannot help but notice the whole heaps of ass each of these ladies has…its just mindblowing. Coincidently, Shemi Cocoa, tells Jae that she has to go out of town, but she has some friends that need to crash at his place for a couple of days…and it just so happens to be “The Escapees“…and of course its PoundHard Entertainment, so you already know what happens next.

This is a great teaser promo that sets up a great concept, and just shows just enough of these asses, and a teasing amount of action to make it one of this seasons most anticipated releases already. Just the fact of knowing that the great NotMyEqual and Kurvy Star are teaming up is mind-numbing by itself, but then when you actually see those two asses side by side in this promo – its is just an epic image of monumentally great ass! And even though the glimpses of action are short as Jae Legend takes turns pounding out both NotMyEqual and Kurvy Star doggystyle, it is still soothing to the soul to know that its happening, and it makes us – we are not going to lie – it makes all of us here at PHAT thirsty as hell for the full release.

A great concept, featuring great talent, we already know that the sex is going to be high octane fucking action, and the head will be ferocious just because of the talent involved. We are willing to go out and say that this will be one of the years nicest monster booty release – and coming right in time for award season as well. NotMyEqual & Kurvy Star look awesome together and words can not describe how anxious we are for this release, but we will keep you abreast of more information as it comes out.

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