PlumperPass Set To Release Banger Featuring Sofia Rose x Jax (The Destroyer) Slayher


While Quarantine Season has put a huge damper on the #BANGERS & New Classics that were set explode on the world of voluptuous xxx for 2020 – that does not mean that those bangers & classics do not exist. And as “porn watching” around the world skyrockets…the good folks over at PlumperPass seem to have already had something cooked up very special, and is ready to boost that viewing even higher as they get ready to release from their vaults to the world –  the #1 chick in the game, Sofia Rose vs. the pussy bully, Jax (The Destroyer) Slayer – in what we are hearing is to be an EPIC SMASH!

Doubt that…? Then you must be new to porn, voluptuous adult porn, and then as a result the absolutely glorious resumes of both Jax & the Legendary Sofia Rose. Jax Slayher has grown into one of XXX’s most reliable male talents when it comes pile driving long dick into the deepest depths behind even the biggest of asses – (see Jax Slayher vs. Julie GingerSuck or Swim” on for example). And Sofia Rose…well hell, endless views have been had, along with billions of orgasms caused, thanks to the growing number of her outstanding & iconic gifts of marvelous XXX-sex-fuckery – ( for examples of this see…anything with Sofia Rose in it – we recommend “Double Dick Dreams” on…and we could literally go on and on!

So…yes, like we said, it is rumored to be an EPIC SMASH. And for anyone who is familiar with the sexual & fuck tactics of Sofia Rose…then you know that  she can skillfully play all positions from “fuckstar” to “sensual sex kitten”; based on Jax Slayher’s catalog full of nothing but sheer pussy destruction – Sofia Rose may have to go through them all. All we can say for certain is that this has all the makings of being one of the top scenes of 2020 thus far. As well as a scene that is will most assuredly bring some refreshment to the quarantined life.

No definite date has be given, but sources say we may be looking at a May release of this. Either way, we, as well as you, PHATNation, no doubt will be keeping our eyes opened and zippers down in great anticipation of what we are prematurely deeming a grand scale smash.

For more information on this scene as well as others in the world of voluptuous xxx – stay tuned to PHAT Magazine!