PlumperPass Preps The Return of Veronica Bottoms!


Before there was Erika Xstacy, before there was The Vanderbust (Anastasia Vanderbust), before many of the well known voluptuous fuckstars had come on to the scene and become the talents of legend (in the voluptuous genre & outside of it) – almost 10 years ago…a fiery sexbomb performer came onto the scene in 2008 and literally took a budding voluptuous adult genre and helped catapult it into a force to be reckoned with. A performer that helped to challenge the dominance of the “status quo” that “skinny” porn had held since its beginnings – all through her explosive hunger for sex and relentless ability to attack the dick in such a carnal way she instantly became recognized as one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s most dominant & in-demand talents by studios and fans worldwide…we are talking about the one and only,future Hall of Famer & Legend –  Veronica Bottoms!

Like many fuckstars that came before & after, Veronica Bottoms was a total package performer who’s high energy made her the highlight of any project she was in. And primarily, a lovely woman with so much wonderful ass. I mean she just had ass all over the place and she knew how to use it to make some of the greatest fuck flicks ever! But it was not only was her high octane, relentless fuck style – unlike few we have seen before, but her head game was ahead of its time, I mean she had a tazmanian devil-esqe ability to destroy dicks with the crazed lust of an incarcerated nymphomanic. All of her scenes received the highest of praise from her fans, which added to her rising popularity & caused her to work with studios all over – Devil’s Films, Diabolic, Evasive Angles, CJ Wright, PlumperPass…& more! And just when it seemed that Veronica Bottoms was set to lead the genre into its next evolution – like many of the greats – she disappeared  into one of the most horrible words ever in this business…RETIREMENT………..

Now 10 years later, while looking on the PlumperPass Instagram, we were treated to a shocking surprise:

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…Yes! Yes! Yes!…after an almost 10 year hiatus…the great Veronica Bottoms has returned, and according to sources, apparently she is in the midst of prepping an incredible comeback with the good folks of – which was confirmed on Veronica Bottoms Official Twitter account@V_Bottoms:
…and for even more confirmation, an anonymous sources took a quick 3 second teaser of some behind-the-scenes footage of her return debut –

So yes – it is official beyond a shadow of a doubt, the long 10 year hiatus of Veronica Bottoms has ended, and she has returned, and from what sources are saying – her return isn’t just some moment she is doing – she is in this for real, meaning she is back to continue her career. And if her stellar & dynamic catalog thus far is any indication of what we can expect to see in the future, if the sources are true, then we may be looking at reckoning in the voluptuous adult business like we haven’t seen in a long time. And we have seen some hellified debuts and returns!

We here at the office of PHAT were, and still are, ecstatic for this news on the return of the one of the industry’s & genre’s legendary performers in Veronica Bottoms.  Even as we were writing this article, debates sprang up left and right as to who we would like to see her work with, could she handle the bigger dicks of today, she was a master of dicksucking back then…could she be even better now, could her fucking possibly improve upon the level that it was already at? – and so on and so on. All we know is that it is going to be fun as hell to watch and see. We are told that Veronica Bottoms return debut is slated for a June 24th Release Date, exclusively by the good folks at PlumerPass/Sensational Video – so we are doubling our Kleenex & lotion stocks in anticipation, of what is now without question, the most anticipated flick of 2017! Go ahead and subscribe now, so you can be ready then.

Welcome Back Veronica Bottoms, welcome back!!!

….and for those who forgot, or who don’t know just how potent this woman’s sexuality is – witness a classic in this trailer between Veronica Bottoms & Charlie Mac in “Gigantic BrickHouse Butts #7” from Evasive Angles: