Pink Kandi x Ella Titzgerald Redefine “Head” in Newest Short Flick


Earlier in March we broke news that there was rumor of a major development was taking place between the combined powers of two women with two pairs of the biggest breasts in all of adult entertainment, and two of the most devastating fellatio skills in all of adult entertianment – the legendary K cup head master, Pink Kandi & the diabolical O cup dicksucking assassin, Ella Titzgerald.

Well, the rumors and the developments have turned out to be true – as a we were granted first access and broke the debut of a teaser trailer between these two Queens of All Things Mammary – which hit the net like wildfire. As it showcased what happens when you combine some of XXXs biggest breasts, who also happen to have perhaps the most devious head game in the biz:

…yes, we said the same thing…”they’re fucking head game is FIRE!“. And they have now released the full trailer of this tag team fellatio mastery & ginormous titty buffet

The combined powers of Pink Kandi & Ella Titzgerald together on dick is nothing short of fellatio gold on film. These ladies both take turn pulling out all the stops and holding no punches as they exert their will through each of their diabolical dicksucking techniques. And what’s even more amazing is them both taking time to explore through sucktion the immense dimensions of each others gigantic breasts.

The scene is scheduled to be made availiable from each of these ladies respective sites – Pink Kandi ( & Ella Titzgerald (