Pink Kandi Displays Why Her Head Game Is Legendary In First Ever BlowBang


Pink Kandi’s journey into the world of XXX has been pure legendary as she has dropped and released literally hundreds of classic scenes and gained notoriety and acclaim worldwide as one of Voluptuous Adult Enertainment’s last true OGs, and without a doubt one of the Top 15 Greatest Voluptuous Adult Entertainer’s of All-Time! Believe that that is hyperbole – trust us, she has the receipts…and the catalog, to back it up. In fact one of the biggest catalogs in the history of the genre. And even with that amazing catalog to her name, in addition to being one of the greatest pure performers, another attribute that has Pink Kandi’s name ringing bells amongst the who’s who of porn & sex period….is her legendary head game….

Long before this beautiful woman with the mountain of mammaries mastered the art of fucking dick, she was already a savage in the craft of sucking dick. True fans will remember that Pink Kandi’s first release, was a short but epic blowjob session of a young Pink Kandi absolutely destroying a dick. Showing an extreme amount of savagery on the dick that was at the time unheard of. From there continuing to destroy dick with ruthless aggression from her head game, quickly earning her the nickname of “The Dick Whisperer“.  And since that time, Pink Kandi has honed her head skills to become one of the most epic oralists on the planet. But in all that time of sucking mean dick…one thing had eluded Pink Kandi...and that was the true test of pure oralism – the BlowBang. Well, we are happy to say that that is no more, as Pink Kandi has officially released her first, and hopefully not her last, blowbang.

In this masterful scene of sucking, Pink Kandi displays not only her love for sucking the dick, but she puts on a demonstration show of her lifelong experience of sucking and swallowing phallus & shaft in grand fashion as she goes ham on five, yes 5…no really 5 big dicks all at the same damn time (…at the same damn time, at the same damn time).

The malice and beauty that Pink Kandi serves to each dick is simply a thing of beauty to behold, with oralism site,, hailing it as “easily one of 2019’s, and maybe 2018 as well, best oral scene in the genre.“. Pink Kandi is in very rare form as she goes in on each and every last dick until they all have exhaused every last ounce and drop of sperm from their balls. She uses her several of her own techniques, as well as shows off her mastery of a few more, showing why she will go down as one of the greatest oralist of all time in sex and life period.

Pink Kandi’s legend in XXX, but especially in oralism has been solidified…now she is just going on a rampage, and this is definitely the oralism scene of the year. And should be automatically a nominee for any award on any adult entertainment award platform. Pink Kandi’s dicksucking continues to evolve and become better and better…and this scene proves it perfectly. It is a classic, a #CertifiedBanger, and a #MUSTSEE – Check It Out EXCLUSIVELY  at her Official Website –

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