PHAT Awards To Recognize & Honor Stars For Inaugural Hall Of Fame Induction In July


With the date for the first Annual PHAT Awards being little over a year away – PHAT Magazine has announced that they will be releasing a “pre-celebration” before the awards take place. It has been announced that the PHAT Awards will be presenting the inaugural inductees for the online PHAT Hall of Fame – where genre legends, impact players, legendary performers, contributors, and directors will be honored for their works within voluptuous adult entertainment.

PHAT Magazine Editor-In-Chief, LeDiva Justice, spoke on the importance of the PHAT Hall of Fame, and the inductees, and what it means to her and the rest of the lovers of the voluptuous adult genre:

A Hall of Fame is something that we feel has been desperately needed in, and for, Voluptuous Adult Entertainment since its very beginnings – which a lot of people forget, or don’t know, go as far back as the “mainstream” adult entertainment. So it is actually long overdue and we are doing it now.

Its important to give recognition and honor to the women, and men, that laid down the gravel and groundwork to what voluptuous adult entertainment has ultimately become – one of the biggest sections of all adult entertainment, and still the fastest growing. These women that we will be recognizing not only broke barriers in XXX, but also broke down barriers of society as well by daring to go against the status quo, being fearless by going against what society “said” was beautiful, and showing them the power and beauty of voluptuous women & voluptuous sexuality. And for that, the impact that they have made, along with their accomplishments – must and will be recognized – and we can not wait for the readers of PHAT Magazine, PHATNation, and lovers of this phenomenal genre to finally have a place where they can go to see these wonderful women be recognized and immortalized as they should be.

The currently unknown inductees are to be named and honored in July. No comment was given as to how many would be apart of the inaugural class of Hall of Famers – but no doubt this will be an epic win for the genre, as it is long past time entertainers and contributors to this great genre have a place where they can be honored.

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