Pharaoh Body x Victoria Cakes Bring The True Heat Epic Girl/Girl Smash!


Pharaoh Body is the embodiment of all that is thick and sexy wrapped in a perfect milk chocolate package, just ready to be unwrapped. Victoria Cakes is thick with a whole lot of Ass & Titty that knows how to bring every last degree of heat out of any sexual situation. Both known for their impressive & notorious donks, both known for pleasuring dick with the most diabolical of intentions…and both known for being two of the industry & genre’s brightest stars – but what happens when you take away the dick and leave these ladies to their own sexual hunger? You get a fuck feast fit for a Queen. And these two are just that in the latest release from!

Set in a breathtakingly sexy egyptian garments, these two chocolate bronze morsels of #GAWDDAMN steal the visual show in this latest release. And while we will speak on the hot & intense fucking these two provide to one another. We cannot  get over how absolutely stunning both of these women look. As the scene begins, the camera does a great job of just capturing every curve perfectly. The movement of these women as they pose, is enough make one thirsty. And as they manuever passionately and embrace each other in kiss, along with revealing such exquisite and large mammary glands – its clear that the set-up to the eventual fucking might be a moot point if it doesn’t hurry. Because these two ladies are just fucking gorgeous.

And the action that follow shortly thereafter such beautiful introduction these aura and bodies of these ladies, follows the same vein as the introduction itself. Pharaoh Body & Victoria Cakes, beautifully kissing, touching, sucking, and fucking. And fucking with an egyptian fury as well might we add – with one of the highlights of this scene being Victoria Cakes expert handling of the large faux dick – as she rams it deep into the phat pussy of Pharaoh Body from various positions and styles. And the breast play really just captivates us. The combination of these two women just drives us crazy with lust. Its a combination of the visual capturing, along with the fucking these two ladies give to each other. Its so soft,  yet so intense…you can feel the heat through the screen. has been bringing quality XXX action consistently & non-stop. And this latest between the thick & talented Pharaoh Body & the bountiful XXX bombshell, Victoria Cakes is just a match made in heaven. Head over to now, JOIN UP, this scene is a must-see. These two make magic together.

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