OP-ED: Lexxxi Luxe Superstar: I Need More Lexxxi NOW!


The definition of “Superstar” – is a person who enjoys nationwide to worldwide recognition, is esteemed for exceptional talents, skills, and/or attributes; known for extreme success with great popularity in their field or skill, and is eagerly sought after for those services or abilities. It is a term that often gets overused greatly in the world of entertainment – adult entertainment especially, and voluptuous adult entertainment specifically. Its a term that holds multiple requirements in order for the term in its entirety to apply and become appropriately used. And while there have been some in the voluptuous adult entertainment world have have reached & are reaching that sacred status. None have quite made the impact on their way to superstardom and during it with the magnitude of on Lexxxi Luxe.

If you are a true fan of voluptuous XXX then you know the tale of this woman, who perfectly combined the aura of myth and legendary. Lexxxi Luxe. the massive superiorly breasted bbw who sent the the voluptuous XXX world, while it was still experiencing one of the greatest booms ever, over the edge with home video footage of her showcasing some of the largest breasts in voluptuous XXX at the time. Those classic clips, forged away through this golden era & time of BBW Adult & XXX and led her to become the industry’s favorite pin-up model with photoshoots galore of the mega-mammaried marvel. And then, Lexxxi Luxe shut the industry all the way down…when she released her debut XXX flick, and instantly became the #1 woman in all of voluptuous XXX. A title, that stayed with her consistently for damn near a decade. With nearly ever scene she released, releases being considered and hailed as a classic…Lexxxi Luxe transcends and redefined back in 2011, what it meant to be the modern Voluptuous XXX Superstar…and that redefinition has paved the way for others to follow in those footsteps to this very day. Lexxxi Luxe has led the way for the entire genre and still continues to…with the fans loving her with the same energy as when she first started.

Whenever a new Lexxxi Luxe XXX scene drops it is instantly a must-see, most watched event – without fail. And despite all the numerous classic performances in her ever expanding catalog…the demand from fans worldwide remains the same – “We Want More Lexxxi Luxe!!!“…

…so what does it seem that…we are seeing for the first time ever a slowdown in the consistent fire XXX from Lexxxi Luxe??? Now maybe we are overreacting…and we certainly hope we are. But at the time of this writing (April 16th, 2018) it will be a little over 9 months – 9 MONTHS! – since we have last scene the legendary & future Hall of Fame Superstar in any XXX action! Now to be fair, very damn pleased and happy. Lexxxi Luxe has been churning out some nice solo content on her Official website – LexxxiLuxe.com – showcasing her excellence, and arguably the most famous titties in the voluptuous adult & adult world! AND THEY HAVE GROWN AND ARE GROWING. Those P cups, just might be….”Q CUPS NOW“!!! Yes, Yes, probably the 2nd biggest titties in all XXX have gotten even bigger…and we have not seen her in a new XXX scene in going on close to a year???

That bothers me, and the scores upon scores of Lexxxi Luxe fans worldwide. And not even on some type of “overhyped biased fan love” train of thought at all. Lexxxi Luxe is truly one of the most gifted total performers of all-time. And that has been proven by her catalog. The way she commands the show, and the attention of viewers eyes when she enters a scene till the scene is done. Her personality of fun and light hearted, mixed with horny & lust with an insatiable appetite for all things involving good dick. She is a acutely unique combination unlike any other before her, and dare we say after. We must have more Lexxxi Luxe…it is not even an opinion or option, it is a fact!

And we absolutely love Lexxxi Luxe on LexxxiLuxe.com. Just watching those titties grow, and her play with her pussy is such a damn turn on. But we know that, when Lexxxi is performing by expertly fucking dicks with the skill of a veteran professional & with the lust of a drunk nympho, that is where she comes alive, and constantly reminds all of us why voluptuous XXX is the greatest entertainment on the planet. The torch of Voluptuous XXX Excellence has passed from the great icon herself, the Greatest Voluptuous Adult Entertainer of All-Time, Samanatha 38G to Lexxxi Luxe – who has been widely assumed as one of the very few woman who could ever match that level of greatness set by Sam38G. We simply need more Lexxxi Luxe. The power she wields when she is on camera is just pure magic. Magic that has enchanted and continues to enchant fans worldwide, and a new generation of voluptuous adult entertainers, that long to follow in her footsteps. She is an icon that has much more to give to the industry and the genre.

Lexxxi Luxe has spearheaded the drive of Voluptuous XXX to being the fastest growing adult genre in all of Adult Entertainment. Which is why these 10 months of no boy/girl have especially bothered us so. Lexxxi Luxe was meant, in not only my eyes, but the eyes of her legions of fans to reign supreme in this industry for years and years more. Why? Simply because she has all the talent, skills, and ability to do so. Even with the next generations of future superstars coming up, along with today’s current superstars that are here…Lexxxi Luxe’s presence on the XXX scene is still a must have. For she is just that awesome and means that much to voluptuous adult entertainment.

Now as we said, maybe we are overreacting…maybe Lexxxi is just taking a well deserved break, before she begins Chapter 2 of her dominance over the genre. And we certainly hope that is the case. But if anything these last 10 months without her have made us realize that Lexxxi Luxe’s contributions of fire performances to this industry are even more remarkable, & will be regarded as timeless classics for ever – such as the classics of Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha 38G, Roberta Smallwood, Melonie Anton, and others. And we simply can not wait for Lexxxi Luxe to return once again, and continue blessing the world with her phenomenal works of XXX gold and genius for years and years more to come.

The Voluptuous XXX is world is in great hands with today’s talent…but, we still want more and more of the one and only legend herself…Lexxxi Luxe. Come back soon Miss, Come back soon! Bless us with more classic greatness like this: