Nurse Roobi Royal Gives Good Quality TLC In Latest PlumperPass Release


If there is one woman that can brighten up a sick day, it is most definitely the superthick & super talented, Roobi Royal. Fresh off of a fantastic scene with her PlumperPass debut, entitled “Peek A Big Boobies“, Roobi is back and ready to pick up where she left of with another intense and hot fuck once again. And it just so happens that Roobi Royal has been called to play nurse for an under-the-weather Juan Largo in her latest scene from, entitled “Fuck The Flu Away“. And we can not think of too many better nurses that we would like to see than the beautiful Roobi Royal.

As the title of the scene implies, Juan Largo is under the weather and enlists the services of the thick and beautiful, Miss Roobi Royal. Dressed in a fire red dress that accentuates all of her thick curves, Roobi Royal tends to her patient by checking his temperature in a few areas when she can’t help but notice the rock hard dick of Juan Largo, which seems to get harder and harder with every touch that Roobi Royal gives him. A clear indication of him getting better, Roobi Royal comes up with the remedy, and that is to totally touch the dick of Juan Largo…touch, kiss, suck, and fuck him back to good health.

There is something that is just sultry about Roobi Royal. And that something shows from her entrance into the scene, and increases exponentially as she begins to suck the dick of Juan Largo. Watching her as she orally pleases the dick with a sensual combination short & deep sucks, mixed with long licks and powerful glans pops…Roobi treats the dick of Juan Largo with a succulent grace that just captures the eye, you can’t help but enjoy and feel envious of that she isn’t sucking your dick ( or pussy) like that. Its just visually beautiful to watch her enjoy sucking the dick of Juan.

The thickness of Roobi Royal is superb, and when she strips down and takes off her skin tight dress that holds those curves so nicely, we are just treated to a gorgeous and delicious assortment of titty, ass, and belly. It is really just an awesome sight. And that sight increases in its greatness, as we see Roobi Royal climb on top of the dick for some wonderful reverse cowgirl riding. And its obvious from the moment she goes balls deep on the dick of Juan that she loves that dick. Bouncing that phat pussy up and down the shaft of Juan, with the camera catching every slide of that good pussy, Roobi Royal is just a sight to see.

But the sights just get better and better, as she  moves to doggystyle, and we see all of that big thick ass, as Juan Largo deep strokes Roobi Royal’s fat the pussy. And what turns up the heat on this already hot scene is just the phenomenal adlibs of Roobi in that british accent – just hearing her say such gems as “Ruin that fat pussy“, and “Your dick is so big“, “Stretch That Tight Pussy“, “Pound Me, Pound Me, Harder“, in between her long and loud  moans…along with the visuals of her tight fat pussy just repeatedly getting filled balls deep to the max!

This is a great scene that just radiates head from the very start. Roobi Royal gives a great performance, that you must watch. You just have to appreciate the lust and love this woman has for the dick. And Juan Largo gives a nice fuck to quench Roobi’s need for dick. A #MustSee, head over to, JOIN UP AND GET A SUBSCRIPTION, and witness the lovely and talented Roobi Royal grace the masses with great fucking once again. So ready for more.