NotMyEqualXXX Releases Teaser For Pink Kandi Collab


If there is one thing that the industry is hungry for, it is more from the phenom who has been blazing her way through industry, destroying the amateur & underground circuits all to hell – of course we are talking about the one & only, NotMyEqualXXX.

Now we recently broke news on the upcoming collaboration between NotMyEqualXXX & Hall Of Fame Fuckstar & GOAT Oralist, Pink Kandi (check out that article here). And that video of them was released on NotMyEqual’s ManyVids site to great fanfare. After all, two of the most “go-hard” talents together in NOE (NotMyEqual’s) first lesbian scene…of course it was going to be Fire. But, in addition to that – that seemed as the perfect appetizer to what the main course that voluptuous adult fans were really waiting to sink there teeth into…and that was the combined talents of Pink Kandi & NotMyEqual XXX going ham on some dick…I mean these two have rewritten the physics on dicksucking individually. Not to mention they both have built a reputation on fucking hard.

Well, PHAT has just been sent the official teaser trailer to that magical collaboration between NotMyEqual/Pink Kandi – Check It Out:

We can already tell that the action is going to be intense flames…with those two sucking dick together, there’s no doubt souls were taken. And to be treated to NOE’s patented & trademark cowgirl fucking…with all that ass….GEEZ!

Representatives from PoundHard Entertainment have told us that the release date of this scene is “REAL REAL SOON“. So for more information stay tuned to PHAT Magazine, and catch all the latest in Voluptuous XXX news quickly on the official PHAT Magazine twitter – @PHATMagazine!