NotMyEqual Sucks & Fucks With Savage Intentions On


The most demanded & without a doubt one of the most realest and rawest fuckstars in the business, the ThroatGOAT herself, than 2018 PHAT Fresman Class Member & 1st Pick & voluptuous XXX’s own – NotMyEqualXXX – has shattered the year of 2018 by putting down flick after flick of hardcore & powerfucking goodness. And because of that she has become the Energizer Bunny of Voluptuous XXX – a catalyst that instantly supercharges any scene that she is in.  After all she is equipped with all the tools for XXX greatness, not to mention a flawless head game & technique that has garnered prestige from around the world as it is a prime must-see. Well the good folks over at have finally released, the highly awaited scene, featuring the one and only NotMyEqualXXX for an exhibition fuck of true epicness as we get treated to a head masterpiece & powerfuck savagery that cannot be missed.

The man tasked with handling the supreme thickness of NotMyEqualXXX is famed XXX actor & resident woodsman, Don Prince – who we have praised numerous times before of his particular set of skills when it comes to handling mighty asses. Yet, as she has proven time and time again, NotMyEqualXXX brings the ultimate trifecta +1 to each and every scene she does…bomb ass, bomb pussy, huge bomb ass titties, and the absolute bomb head and it is that savage sweet glaze head game that starts the scene off after a brief interview-like conversation.

For those who have not witnesses the salacious deep savagery that is NotMyEqual’s dicksucking style, then this scene is an absolute gift. Her unique style of dicksucking, which we call here at PHATThe Sweet Glaze“, is performed to perfection on the dick of Don Prince, and almost as quickly as his dick is out, it is quickly swallowed whole by NotMyEqualXXX – to which Don Prince can only close his eyes and enjoy the moment as she begins the process of taking his soul. Glans, shaft, and all, NotMyEqual’s dicksucking is just fucking fierce. She impresses & turns herself on with how good she engulfs the phallus of Prince, and when she wraps those juicy huge G cups around his dick, as she shakes all of that huge rotund ass her head game increases…and you start to appreciate the art that she is performing as she switches her technique from deepthroating balls deep, to skillfulling sucking the glans while saliva slowly falls from the head to the balls on all sides. NotMyEqual is truly a dicksucking savant – and what’s scary is…she is still just getting started!

But what is just as impressive is the way NotMyEqual takes and fucks the dick of Don Prince. What makes NotMyEqual stand out from many is her raw & real taking of the dick. She is vocal about the good dick she receives from Don Prince, and her adlibs just send you into overdrive as you witness those thick hams spread wide as n stuffs his dick deep in the good pussy of the ThroatGoat. And it is clear that NotMyEqual loves the thick dick – with repeated adlibs of “Damn that dick is big Daddy!’, and her trademark “Yes!” chants, along with expressed  phrases that just come out of nowhere – all of that adds to the intense fucking that is displayed by both NotMyEqual & Don Prince.

And with all the greatness that NotMyEqual has, its easy to forget, but we don’t…NotMyEqual has some of the biggest and most beautiful titties, which the camera makes a great job of keeping in view at all times in the missionary. But when its time for doggystyle, only one thing matters with this woman, and that is all of that massive donk, and Don Prince handles all that ass skillfully as he stuffs that phat pussy from behind. Waves and waves of ripples work there way across the massive landscape of ass that NotMyEqual possesses, and it is just superb imagery to say the least. In fact one the many highlights of the scene is when NotMyEqual takes control and works all of that ass back and forth on the dick while purely loving the sensation of that dick going in and out as she does it.

NotMyEqualXXX is fuckstar phenom, a bonifide beast at dickwork, – and she delivers another sensational classic & torrid XXX fuck for her growing catalog. The combination of her hard no-nonsense fucking combined with the deep dicking ability of Don Prince collectively make this scene an epic fuckfest. The sex is pure and it is raw! And the head is……..damn that head game is the TRUTH, just as that ass is. And we did not even mention the cowgirl where NotMyEqual rides the dick while on her feet.

This is truly a #CertifiedBANGER as NotMyEqual, Don Prince, & only know how to bring & create. Head over to, JOIN UP WITH A SUBSCRIPTION, for Christmas has come early – and NotMyEqual continues to prove to the genre why she is one of voluptuous XXX’s brightest stars headed for legendary greatness.

8.4 FIRE

NotMyEqual brings a primo performance to great scene. One of the truly most talented BBW fuckstars NotMyEqual delivers with intense fucking and brings her pure genuine love of dick that is clearly shown throughout the scene. Don Prince does what Don Prince does and that is fuck and fuck hard. Production is fairly solid as great moments are captured which this scene is full of. Superb dicksucking and intensity throughout. A #CertifiedBANGER.

  • HEAT 8
  • ACTION 9
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 7.4