Nirvana Lust Fucks Hard On The Good Doctor


There is no denying it, even if you tried – Nirvana Lust is one of the most exciting new voluptuous XXX stars in the business. Naughty & delectable, Nirvana Lust brings nothing but great action in her growing catalog of fantastic scenes. And she returns to PlumperPass/Sensational Video to once again bring her sensational brand of sucking and fucking in her latest release entitled, “The Horny Patient”, with Juan Largo

The scene starts off with Nirvana Lust visiting the doctor’s office to try and get a reason as to why her husband is not into having as much sex with her as often any more. And Doctor Warren (played by Juan Largo), is simply perplexed as to way the sexy and appetizing young Nirvana Lust would ever have that type of problem. Noticing her beauty, those big breasts, and overall phenomenal, he attempts to take a closer look…only to reach his original conclusion – Nirvana Lust is fucking sexy. And not being able to contain the raging erection he has because of her incredible tits, Nirvana grabs the dick and just like that – the good Doctor is fully entranced and seduced by the pleasures of the sexy Nirvana Lust. And who could blame him.

Nirvana Lust is an absolute seductress & skilled succubus on the dick – and this shows those attributes perfectly. Just her sexual mannerisms, and moans as Juan explores her breasts and body with his hands and mouths are enough to just bring you to the brink of explosion. As she disrobes with the good doctor feeling and fondling all of her thickness…you truly embrace how gorgeous Nirvana Lust is, and how powerful her seduction can be. And before long, the good doctor is head first in between her thighs, lapping up that beautiful fat pussy. And again the moans from Nirvana are just hypnotic to listen to.

Nirvana Lust’s dicksucking is just so fucking great to view. So wild, reckless, and wet…like a controlled tsunami…on the dick of the good doctor, she just eats the dick up in the standard Outstanding Nirvana Lust style. A grand demonstration of her version of the Tazmanian Devil Dicksucking Style, which is powerful and so good as it is, but just enchants you when Nirvana Lust looks at you with those beautiful eyes.

But as great as Nirvana Lust’s head exhibition is in this scene, and it is great, the fucking is where Nirvana Lust shines brightly. And Nirvana Lust gets a serious pounding by the good doctor, in a standing doggystyle postion that is just so visually pleasing. Watching all of that glorious ass of Nirvana Lust getting  fucked, and the screams and moans of pleasure she receives from is great fuck work from the fuckstar. A particular highlight is seeing Juan Largo grab one of Nirvana Lust’s mighty ass cheeks as he deep dicks her from behind, and just seeing all of that cheek just bounce, its like visual poetry.

And if we are talking about visual poetry, the cowgirl/reverse cowgirl of Nirvana Lust is visual poetry in motion! We have given the prestigious title of fuckstar to Nirvana Lust precisely for her ability to fuck the shit out of the dick with her cowgirl/reverse cowgirl abilities. And she just drop all that ass so grandly on the dick of the good doctor, and riding the dick on her feet! This woman is truly gifted, and makes the scene just so much more fantastic to view

Nirvana Lust gives another great performance in a catalog that is already filled with nothing but grand performances. And the 2018 PHAT Freshman Class Nominee goes hard to show once again why she is one of voluptuous XXX’s most exciting new starlets. A strong and powerful performance from Juan Largo taking on the magic of Nirvana as well. A must-see, and great enjoyable scene to watch. Head over to, JOIN UP, and check out this woman, you will not be disappointed! Nirvana Lust is the future.

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