Nikki Cakes Provides A Dripping Wet Big Booty Fuck To Ludus Adonis


Nikki Cakes has donk by the pound – now that we have got that established (as if you didn’t already know), she also has the hellified suck and fuck skills that have garnered her mad attention in the amongst the millions of fans of the voluptuous adult entertainment genre. And after showcasing those skills on on the dick of Slick Punisher & Don Prince…full of such powerful dicksucking and fucking, it was only right that she return yet again to the Highway…to work all of that donk & Boss head game on Ludus Adonis

We simply love this woman’s love of the dick. She attacks, fucks, and gets fucked with genuine admiration, respect, and lust for the dick that shows up so beautifully on camera & sounds so good with her moans. Watching Ludus Adonis go balls deep inside her wet pussy commands a certain attention…her moans and just seeing those thick thighs spread wide while her pussy is attack deep is just beautiful to witness. Not to mention seeing her squirting her juices all over the dick Ludus – adds to the intrigue and love of this scene. And just seeing the entirety of all that massive ass get fucked from behind…that is what voluptuous XXX is all about. Nikki Cakes bounces all of that big ass off of the dick of Ludus so purposefully, loving his intense strokes, as Ludus has to contain the massiveness of Nikki’s glorious ass.  It is just amazing.

The third time is most definitely a charm with Nikki Cakes 3rd return the Highway being great scene…and leaving us all here at PHAT wanting more and more from this woman because she definitely brings the sex as well as all of that ass like she has more to give – much much more. And we eagerly look forward to it. In the meantime head over to, Join Up, and marvel in the marvelous donk of Nikki Cakes as she goes HAM on dick like she is supposed to.

For more of Nikki Cakes be sure to check out her exclusive content on & follow her on Twitter – @NikkiCakes73


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