Nikki Cakes: Proudly BBC – The Interview, Part 1



Nikki Cakes is a true BBCSlut extraordinaire! Since her debut into the business of XXX, and well before it – Nikki Cakes has only had one mindset…not to go hard for the fans, but to go hard for Nikki Cakes, Fuck Hard for Nikki Cakes, Enjoy, Lust, And Love Black Dick for Nikki Cakes – knowing that the fans would absolutely love her carnality for old fashioned hardcore fucking, and follow her faithfully. And faithfully those fans have followed – making her one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s exciting new faces, and most hardcore new fuckstars…which is a large reason as to why she was selected to the 2018 PHAT Freshman Class!

We were honored to have an interview with thick, and oh-so-booty-full Nikki Cakes, and in Part 1 of this interview – Nikki Cakes talks to us about – “Who Is Nikki Cakes?“, just how much she truly loves black dick, where did that love for big black dick come from, and we ask her what is her definition and opinion on what being a True Queen of Spades is…

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