Nikki Cakes Gifts Slink Andrews With Supreme Head & Ass on


Its the return of the woman, who has many monikers around the office of PHAT, but our personal favorite – Miss Dyson (…because she suck BBC very meanly) – of course its Nikki Cakes. Since her beginning into this porn game she has come out the gate to let it be known that her XXX skills, along with her head game is vicious. And those words are not just in a vacuum, Nikki Cakes has amassed of a collection delicious XXX cuisine that proves that those adjectives are more than justified. And with her latest scene on – she proves it once again as she brings all of that tremendously massive ass, wisdom of all things dick, supremely phat pussy and of course one of the most lethal head games in the entire industry and world of oralism – in this classic scene of hardcore fucking and sucking.

In this scene, follows a simple plot, that we here at PHAT have turned into an even simpler question – and that is…if you have Nikki Cakes sleeping in your bed, what are you going to try and do each and every time? And lucky bastard Slink Andrews has the honor and privilege of answering that question.  As he has the lovely Nikki Cakes resting in his bed, and of course, he has to position her to where he can bear witness and have access to one of the biggest asses in voluptuous XXX, and immediately let her feel the dick that grows from its grinding…and from here the magic of Nikki Cakes begins.

Now let us first remark on that fact that Nikki Cakes has just an incredibly phat fat pussy. So big and meaty, which always the sign of pure wetness and greatness as any pussy-ologist can attest too. And Slink Andrews takes a moment to play with and enjoy its pleasures a little bit. But, this in Nikki Cakes, one of the games more premiere fuck & suck stars – so what happens when you trigger the lust of this Sux Phenom…amazing dick sucking and dick eating quickly follows. And to Slink Andrews delight, thats what takes place. Nikki Cakes administers her extraordinary & all-powerful dicksucking onto Slink. Deliciously glazing the dick, succulently lathering it up, before destroying by engulfing its dimensions deep into her throat – and then just putting those actions on repeat. I mean we could go on and on about the greatness of her headgame – it is truly a marvel to behold.

But another marvel to behold, is just all of the supreme ass of her Nikki Cakes. I mean hell, she’s not called “Cakes” for no reason. Just so much ass to witness, and Slink Andrews does more than witness. After such succulent suction – its only right that he fucks all of the evil out of that ass. Slink Andrews delivers long stroke deep into the pussy of Nikki Cakes from behind. We love the way that Nikki Cakes can not only suck big dick deep, but take big dick deep as well. I mean, Nikki Cakes simply looks phenomenal getting fucked. Its as if its completely natural – as if this is her natural state – to be sucking and fucking good dick.3

Nikki Cakes delivers a grand scene, with the help of Slink Andrews who delivers a great fuck, The chemistry is evident from the very beginning, and while we normally applaud scenes that go directly to the action, the build up of this scene with was very well done. Its an absolute #MustSee as any Nikki Cakes scene is. We always feel torn with them because the head is always masterful, and all of that ass is always masterful to see. But luckily we always get them both, and they both are delivered expertly. Head over to – JOIN UP – and witness one of this era’s most prolific oralists.