New PhatBooty, Candi Rayne Shows Out In Sophomore Scene on


When we last spoke of Candi Rayne, back in November of 2018 – we made it abundantly clear that this beautiful woman possessed the perfect “combination of thickness, head game, fuck savagery, and just so much fucking ass & the knowledge of how to use them all at her will” – which would make her one of great new talents to be on the look out for in 2019. Her first scene she did we voted to be a #CertifiedBanger – as she brought all of her marvelous skills, along with all of that tremendous ass, to bear for an incredible debut fuck that got the entire genre’s attention. So what would any good studio, like do – of course you had to bring this woman back – with that said, the beautiful & booty-full Candi Rayne has returned with another #MUSTSEE #CertifiedBanger for her sophomore scene exclusively on!

First let us say, huge shouts out to XXX star Layla Red, who has blessed the scene with a fire track entitled “All Night” – it serves as a perfect compliment to the dastardly fucking that Candi Rayne brings to her latest release. And we know we can literally go on and on and on – but the beautiful charmin soft massive ass that this woman possesses is just so fucking remarkable. Definitely one of the biggest in Voluptuous XXX & because of that automatically one of the biggest in all of adult entertainment, and knows it, which is why they make sure it is the center of attention all throughout this scene. But to have ass is just a morsel to the total collective of ability and attributes that Candi Rayne does and shows to her co-star & favorite Woodsman, Don Prince – this woman once again showcases that she is the real deal and a total package performer.

As we raved about Candi Rayne’s diabolical dicksucking in her first scene, she brings that same energy plus extra to her head game in this one. To watch Candi Rayne suck dick like watch a master painter at work, she is focused and determined while free and at peace as she swallows Don Prince’s dick with her succulent technique of deep and shallow sucks. Savoring the lust and the rock hardness of it all, Candi Rayne simply sucks great dick – point blank.

But the fucking Candi Rayne puts on quickly boosts this scene to another level – and for the same reason we said before, the overall collective sexy of this woman – the thickness, the way she works all that big ass expertly up and down the dick of Don Prince, hell the way she takes Don Prince’s most wickedest of ravish-filled thrusts and is immediately ready for the next – Candi Rayne fucks great, and looks great getting fucked. All while having the face of a prom queen, with the insatiability of a woman that knows that she knows how to fuck her ass of. And it all comes together so nicely in this latest scene.

As we mentioned in our first article about the bootylicious Candi Rayne, she is “A total package of sultry & sexy and Ass & ability” , and she proves it once again in this #CertifiedBanger of a scene. The emails we get about this woman is constantly growing and they like us, are already salivating for more of this incredible woman’s talents. As this scene verifies that Candi Rayne is the real deal. It is once-again and absolute MUST-SEE – that you can only see on; Great chemistry and great fucking by both to turn out a very hot scene, especially for ass lovers and just lovers of good fucking period. So head over, purchase a subscription and support because we truly believe we may be looking a very great reign of a possible future Voluptuous XXX powerhouse.