MegaDonk Latina Katherin Gomez Stock Is On FIRE For The New Year!


It was an stunning year for asses for 2017, and we can contribute a lot of that from the showcasing of the unrivaled collection of asses/donks/and straight big butts from Latin Donk sites – / . Once these sites debuted, lovers of all things thick & big bootied were transported to a world where 50 inches of ass is considered “no-ass-at-all”, & that is the Latin Donk community. And out of the many lovely women that graced these sites ( and we will dedicate this year to covering them all), it is the lovely Katherin Gomez that shocked the a world with her incredible dimensions, so much that the site has been catered to featuring this incredible woman (which we have coined her the Latin Hourglass).

Katherin Gomez has become a modern day marvel to behold – and she certainly has been on, quickly becoming one of the internet’s most highly searched for models & asses. Equipped with that a sexy look, full breasts, thin waist that supports hips and ass that go on for ages…the excitement that Gomez injected into the industry last year has engulfed into a firestorm of the masses wanting more and more of the superbooty Latina All-Donk Bombshell. And with her making her way into XXX, her demand has intensified even greater.

Katherin Gomez is destined to be a highly demanded staple within this business. Her stock is rising at a fire pace – with fans demanding more and more  and more. And we are right there with them.  2018 is here now, and after such an outstanding showing for 2017…we are all eyes and ears for any of the latest featuring the massvied-booty masterpiece. But for right now…for all things Katherin Gomez, as well as some of the biggest Latin donkey booties around – head to & and prepare to be amazed. Katherin Gomez is primed, prepped, and ready to steal the show this year!

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