Master Dicksuckstress, Damaris Rivera, Orally Destroys, Anally Destroyed!


You already know that when you hear, or see the name “Damaris Rivera” anywhere in any online or DVD form, that you are about to witness nothing but some of the realest fucking, and arguably the best dicksucking on the internet and in the biz. Well the good folks over at Midwest Raw Entertainment have called upon the almighty skills of Damaris Rivera to bless their cameras and have created an amazing scene which features her already legendary head game, but also features a vicious anal fucking by woodsman, King Kreme to create a fuck scene of epicness.

Damaris Rivera provides a dicksucking clinic in her newest release as sucks the soul from the dick of King Kreme with her trademark technical dicksucking mastery – an absolute dicksucking clinic. And we here at PHAT have come to realize that Damaris’ dicksucking seems to serve as a fuck-power-up…because everytime she ravishes the dick orally…her co-stars seem to awaken a best from within which leads them try to beat her pussy up with all of their might…and King Kreme serves as no exception as he proceeds to beat Rivera’s pussy up like a mad man. Excellent pounding by him, and we just love the expressions in this scene by Damaris, as she loves each and every stroke and loses her mind from her genuine love of the dick. But where this scene shines, and Damaris Rivera’s lust hits its peak is when King Kreme stuffs all the dick he can deep in the asshole of Damaris which ramps up the action and the heat twice as much. An all out incredible fuckfest the team from Midwest Raw brings in this incredible scene!

Now we have covered & chronicled this the amazing Damaris Rivera’s rise from unknown starlet with the uncanny head game to Major Force within Porn with the Uncanny, & now Notorious, Head Game – and in every article, tweet, IG Post, Facebook Post we have done, the summaries have all been the same…this woman is a fellatial Terminator, who keeps sucking with her devasting suck style until the dick is destroyed & all of its cum released! And as a result, whoever owns said dick proceeds to fuck her pussy and/or asshole until she is orally destroyed. Its the perfect balance of yin & yang. And it is this balance that has been captured by Midwest Raw instant classic! Head over to, join up and witness great fucking as its meant to be!

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