Mandy Kandy Makes Debut In Nice Fashion on!


The great talent comes from the underground/amateur market when it comes to XXX. That is a sentiment known far and wide throughout the industry, the voluptuous adult industry especially. And very few studios have become known for finding outstanding amateur & underground talent such as (& the rest of Rick Nasty’s Nasty Network Empire) – and we can go on and on about the collection of talent they have founded that have gone on to become notorious & legends, but they have once gain brought a new talent by the name of Mandy Kandy to make her debut on…and she makes quite the debut indeed!

A beautiful thickbody with a lovely face, and a nice healthy mound of ass, Mandy Kandy is quite the package. Just at first glance there is definite drawing to her, something that just forces you not to take your eyes away from her. Maybe its the eyes, the face, or a combination of both…but we were drawn into her. And for certain Mandy Kandy isn’t just a pretty face to look at, but she also knows how to apply the skills of sexuality real well. In what is becoming further and further evidence that Rick Nasty has a knack for finding  women that just seem to know how to suck the best dick in the country, Mandy Kandy showcases her own unique style of succulently glazed oralism as she skillfully sucks the dick of D. Ruff for some impressive and fun to watch head. And it is fun to watch!

…but of course that is just the appetizer, but a damn good appetizer to the heroic fucking that D. Ruff applies to the pussy of Mandy Kandy. This woman’s ass is phenomenal, and D. Ruff makes nice work of it by pummeling this thick body from the back with nothing but dick…making for a great fuck overall, and a nice way to introduce what we hope is another repeat actress to the entirety of Rick Nasty’s websites. With great visuals, great talent and skill in Mandy Kandy from the head to the pussy…this scene is one to definitely check out. Head over to, Join Up, and enjoy Mandy Kandy make herself a very nice debut!