Macchiato Links Up With The GOAT & Legend, Norma Stitz!


It has happened – YES – ‘all that damn ass’ finally meets face to face with ‘all the titties in the damn world!’. The hardest working woman in XXX, Macchiato has gone face to face with “La Reina de Tetas Gigantesco“, The Biggest Titties In The World/Of All-Time – the legendary Norma Stitz – for a series of photoshoots to simply leave the world in AWE!!!

This collaboration between Norma Stitz & Macchiato is a definite welcome. We were all excited to hear about the news that this meeting of the minds, & the ass and titties respectively, had taken place. Just to see such epic assets all of tremendous proportions all together represents everything that is right with the world today.

But, at the same time it also brings together & galvanizes the power and abilities of two of the genre’s most admired & assiduous (no pun intended, but then again Norma Stitz & Macchiato both have mad ass soooo….ok pun intended as well) adult business women in the genre today. Norma Stitz, who’s exploits in adult entertainment in not only – Big Bust, but BBW, Black, & Mature genres of Adult Entertainment are already heralded as legendary, and too many to name. Macchiato, a woman who said “no” to the typical adult model build-up – and attacked the industry with purpose & planning by releasing her own line of top-notch production & films, and made herself into a bonifide brand that is increasing daily with popularity as well as sales. Both ladies have spent time carefully and strategically carving out a lane that’s uniquely perfected for them in this industry that full of obstacles, and yet still succeeding…

…but we can go into detail about all that later – Just knowing that we are about to be treated to a smorgasbord of ass and titties between these two ladies is enough to get us more than pumped about what’s to come.  Now we have not received word yet on when the content between these two will drop, but we are all more than ready to see it. Stay Tuned to PHAT Magazine and we will keep you – abreast – of all the developments!

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