Ludus Adonis DiscoversThe Macchiato Code On


Her name is Macchiato…and yes…she is a beast on the dick. From the freckled beauty, to the intensely huge & heavy titties to a trademark massively huge & unconquerable (yes we said unconquerable) ass which screams the fact that she has donk by the pound, Macchiato is represents the next evolution in voluptuous adult entertainment.

Now these facts are not anything new, we have been saying this about Macchiato since her debut on the XXX scene a little under a year ago. And from her first debut, we told PHATNation that there was something about this woman that would bring balance to the industry. Macchiato possesses a unique powerful style in the sexual arts. We liken it to the immense power of the Dark Side of the force. Macchiato is a sexual Sith Lord (Star Wars reference), so much intense power in dick pleasuring arts, yet you don’t realize it til you are a victim of it – because you just don’t know the power of the Darkside! All this power is what we call “The Macchiato Code“.

The Macchiatio Code, it features Macchiatio’s arsenal of lust – those huge titties, the biggest, phattest, and yet most charmin softest ass in the business, her efforlessly simple yet brilliantly complicated and elegant fellatio style that she performs on the biggest of dicks & making them weaken to her power, and the phattest good pussy which holds the mysteries and the true raw power of this woman…all of this makes her one of the industry’s favorites to watch.

And in her latest feature on, Macchiato provides her skillfully crafted code to the one known as Ludus Adonis in a blockbuster scene that can only be described as incredible. Macchiato displays AND proves why she is not only one of the leading BBWs in the genre, but also why she is one of the most talented adult actresses period. Showcasing her proficiency for the fellatial arts in her self designed dicksucking style, you see the passion she displays with no fucks given other than for the dick itself. That’s the Macchiato Code. Ludus Adonis attacking the pussy like a renegade warrior, while Macchiato works her pussy magic on him, almost as if to say “go crazy in this pussy if you want to, and I will cum quick as hell – your decision!” – that’s the Macchiato Code!

In fact, a favorite part of the scene features Macchiato bouncing that ass doggystyle on Ludus Adonis. Effectively long dicking Ludus by herself, while hypnotically working that massive donk in an orgasmic rhythm. Little does Ludus know – that’s a signature finishing move of Macchiato – you get hypnotized by all that glorious ass bouncing, while she expertly swallows all that dick in her pussy with the weight of that monster ass providing the thrust. That’s the Macchiato Code! We are happy that Ludus recognizes that and retakes control of that ass, or else it would have been a short scene. If you trying to last, you can’t let Macchiato control the dick with that pussy – if you don’t – massive powerful cumshots come quite quickly. That’s the Macchiato Code.

This scene is simply lust in action as it should be with one of the best performing voluptuous adult entetainers in the business, Macchiato, making her return at the same time putting the genre on notice that she is eyeing the #1 spot…#WatchTheThrone. All the reason, why you should head over too, purchase your subscription and witness one of the great performances of 2017.

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