Lexxxi Luxe The Queen Returns…


Heavy is the head…and heavier still is the bra – of the woman that wears the crown for all things BBW XXX, the notorious & legendary, Lexxxi Luxe. A woman that has, ever since the very first moment she appeared nude in front of the masses, been viewed as the top adult entertainer/XXX actress, & arguably worldwide in BBW porn today; while being simultaneously held in contention as the heir apparent for the title of Greatest XXX BBW Actress of all time. But those are debates that can be set aside by & for many fans & lovers of Voluptuous XXX. For on this day of May 11th, here at PHAT – there is only one thing in the world that matters at this time…and that is the fact that the Queen, Lexxxi Luxe has finally made her return to the Halls of PlumperPass…for a much long-awaited XXX feature – entitled “Feeling On Your Feet“, co-starring, the lucky bastard, Juan Largo. And we are proud to say that Lexxxi Luxe is back and better than ever!

The plotline is simple – Lexxxi comes home after a hard days work to her beau, played by Juan Largo, who after hearing about her day notices her with her shoes off…and asks her how her feet feel. Which leads to a foot massage as Lexxxi continues to tell Juan all about her day, while simultaneously leading to the erection of Juan’s dick; and the thirst of that dick from Lexxxi. And Lexxxi Luxe quickly brings an abrupt end to the foot massage as she sits up with her infamous ginormous breasts, which have seemed to grow even more, on full display. And Juan wastes no time in starting the process of fucking the hell out of Lexxxi Luxe, by beginning with paying homage to some of the biggest titties in the business by diving face-first in them and sucking them something ferocious…and with this…this long awaited return from Lexxxi Luxe begins!

Lexxxi Luxe looks fucking amazing. Lovely & attractive, with the most enchanting & top 3 biggest breasts in all of XXX today, Lexxxi Luxe pulls out, one by one, each mighty tit for Juan to worship in wonder and lust. And he hungrily feasts upon each leviathan breast, sucking on the pink nipples of Lexxxi Luxe over and over. We are treated by the camera, to just awesome visuals as Juan sucks and suck upon her iconic breasts, and then just lets them lay and hang in their natural rest state, just before and as Lexxxi Luxe removes her clothing. No matter how many times Lexxxi Luxe breasts of lust and power are shown, every time we see them feels just like the very first. We just can not ever tire of their massiveness and size. And as, she removes her dress, we are treated with awesome views of the rest of her glorious body, belly, thick legs and calves…and Juan continues to worship those mighty breasts and belly.

And nothing invokes a more passionate & purposeful dicksucking from the great Lexxxi Luxe then a tense titty sucking. And Lexxxi wastes no time in rewarding Juan for his obedient titty sucking by blessing him with her unique, excellent and effective dicksucking style which she has mastered & put her signature on. She just looks so lovely with dick in her mouth, and so angelic watching her work her technique; which – when combined with the camera wide shots that capture the 2nd Biggest Titties in XXX – just sends the entire head session over the edge. Lexxxi…so truly loves and enjoys the art and skill of sucking dick, and we love that she loves it.

And after some furious titty fucking of Lexxxi Luxe’s luxurious mammary glands…Juan has Lexxxi assume the doggystyle position and with great enthusiasm, Passionately and mildly aggressively long dicking the good pussy of Lexxxi Luxe from behind. We enjoy watching as the aggressive strokes of Juan, soon turn to powerful strokes of all out fucking, all under the enjoyment of one Lexxxi Luxe as she continuously echoes “Yes! Yes!” all througout her deep dicking being received. The doggystyle from  Lexxxi Luxe is just nice.

And from there we go into one of the highlights of any Lexxxi Luxe scene…and that is her sideways position. We love seeing Juan fuck the hell out of Lexxxi – where we can get the entire full view of all this beautiful woman…from the lovely face, and those ginormous size titties hanging over the couch, sexy belly, and one of the fattest pussies in the business being pounded deeper and deeper! Geez, watching this woman get fucked is just display of everything that is good in BBW XXX & Voluptuous XXX entirely. Lexxxi Luxe takes good dick great, and great dick fantastically. And Juan delivers both to Lexxxi. All leading to a massive cumshot on the face of Lexxxi Luxe, who just has that beautiful ability to coax massive cumshots out her male co-stars – which we believe is all he confirmation we need of Lexxxi Luxe’s pussy truly being some of the most incredible type of goodness…

It is just awesome to have Lexxxi Luxe back…and as always we want more and more and more from this woman who is already well over 40 scenes in this business, and that’s just boy/girl. And if you think this his us just talking, then you obviously have not been listening to the fans. Lexxxi Luxe always brings that something special to each and every scene that she is in. Which always translates into outstanding performances. from her…always. And this latest scene is another example of why she is the Queen of BBW Sex today.

Now even though scene is not without its minor flaws, such as erratic camera action, and not enough positions…afterall….what is a Lexxxi Luxe scene without her world famous reverse cowgirl action – so we could watch her even bigger breasts bounce like they are giving a middle finger to Issac Newton while watching that fat pussy get stuffed properly. But overall, its fucking Lexxxi Luxe…and that alone is all you need to know. Not to mention it fulfills fans with the love of foot fetishes, as that is a focal point of the scene in its beginnings. Either way, the action is great. Head over to PlumperPass, JOIN UP, and watch and witness one of the greatest to ever do it – do it at the level of greatness she has always brought. Lexxxi we love you, and can wait, CAN’T WAIT, to view more of her greatness.