Lexxxi Luxe Is A MasterPiece in Latest PlumperPass Release


Do we really need to explain how much we love Lexxxi Luxe, how much you – PHATNation – love Lexxxi Luxe? The digital pages of PHAT Magazine are littered with words, statements, and references of this woman’s grandness and greatness as Voluptuous XXX’s All-Time Top SuperStars. And rightfully so as with every release she creates – the combination of all of her BBW goodness, that lovely face, and of course a pair of the softest and most hugest & gigantic tits in the history of Voluptuous XXX & XXX period – creates the perfect package for a XXX legend, and Lexxxi Luxe has spent a career of creating legendary works with a thick catalog to prove it. And while it has seemed like she has been slowing down a bit sadly, she is back in her latest scene entitled, “Body Painted BBW” to bring yet another fire scene, as well as once again showing, and proving to us what we have been saying since her beginnings in this business, that she is simply one of Voluptuous XXX’s most glorious heroines of all-time.

In this latest scene, Lexxxi Luxe teams up with co-star John Strange, who is an “artist” that is using the great Lexxxi Luxe as his greatest canvas ever, as he paints a masterpiece all over her body – hence the title “Body Painted BBW”. But what artist can simply not withstand the urge to revel in his work, not many. And when your work happens to be one of the greatest of all-time in the megatron mammaried Lexxxi Luxe, its only a matter of time before your brain shuts down and the dick takes over.

Lexxxi Luxe delivers a nice and solid performance. Packed with more titties and some more weight, she looks simply amazing. The scene does a great job of highlighting and showcasing all of Lexxxi’s attributes, and an even better job of keeping her beautiful face and those biggest tits as the center of attention.

The dicksucking of Lexxxi Luxe in this scene is very, VERY nice. Lexxxi Luxe sucks good dick with a nice, semi slow, and fluid pace. I mean this woman just looks so wonderful sucking dick. And the she makes it a great point to look at the camera often so we can see those big beautiful brown eyes, while her mouth is stuffed with the dick of John Strange. Its just such a beautiful sight.

But very few sights in voluptuous XXX are as amazing than Lexxxi Luxe’s cowgirl, and as she delivers that to John Strange – we see all of the lust and magic of Lexxxi come out. Lexxxi Luxe’s love for the dick just comes across her face so brilliantly, as she sinks all of that phat pussy on the long dick of John Strange. But of course the sight that steals the scene is those “biggest titties” flopping, bouncing, and disobeying the laws of physics as the get tossed high in the sky and come crashing back down to earth as Lexxxi enjoys her dick. And as a man, there can not be many things greater than having Lexxxi Luxe ride and grind on your dick with such passion as she does John Strange, while those mammoth tits are just slapping you all in the faces as they are literally begging to be sucked as her pussy just enjoys that dick.

This scene delivers Lexxxi Luxe to us in so many nice ways, that it feels like we have not seen in forever from her. We have almost forgotten how great watching her doggy style is, especially as John Strange attacks that plump ass, while we see those gigantic tits bulging completely out of of the side, refusing to be ignored. It is just clear that we need much more, MUCH MORE, Lexxxi Luxe than we have been getting. She is purely greatness to watch, as this scene is a great http://join.plumperpass.com/track/MTAwMDAwMzk1LjM4LjE3LjE3LjAuMC4wLjAuMAscene to watch, and pure must see. Head over to PlumperPass.com – PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP – and behold, one of the greatest of all time is back and puts on a show.