Lexxxi Luxe Cums Hard In “Swinging With Lexxxi”


The temperature is rising, the heat is sweltering, of course that can only mean one thing – the Return of the All-Time Great & Hall of Famer, Lexxxi Luxe on PlumperPass – and she is back with a new banger entitled “Swinging With Lexxxi” that brings the fire and serves to set the tone as the prelude for Summer 17. And like 100% of Lexxxi Luxe scenes, she brings us an awesome ultra-tittied fuck fest, which is her trademark, that has to be seen to believe.

In her latest PlumperPass debut, “Swinging With Lexxxi“, Lexxxi Luxe lends a listening ear to Sean, who has come by her house to vent his frustrations about his girl due to his porn addiction, which has led to him being kicked out of the house. And Lexxxi, always the perfect friend and listener mentions what her and her husband did to combat similar issues is that they became swingers, which helped out greatly. But more importantly than all that, Lexxxi has just the thing to make Sean feel better, and that’s of course – all the delicious pleasures, delights, tits, and pussy that she has to offer, and what can’t that amazing collection of Lexxxi Luxe goodness make happy!

Another awesome fucking scene by the great Lexxxi Luxe, who’s fucking amazing P cup breasts (EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, a fucking P cup – we can never graps how big those titties are!) always look everytime you see them is the very first time. Lexxxi delivers an amazing performance in her latest, one of the things we are proud to see from Lexxxi is ever growing skillset as an adult actress. Granted even though the plot is very short, its still great to see how she becomes more and more natural at the acting of it. And the action…

Well First let us shout out PlumperPass for giving us a nice little pre-undress scene before the actual scene starts…there is nothing like seeing Lexxxi strip down to a bra, that you know could act as a full size parachute, and it still not be big enough to hold the divine mammaries of this woman. But the action in this scene hits hard and heavy fast. As Sean does infamous and notorious Lexxxi Worship – a ritual we have noticed in all Lexxxi Luxe scenes as the men have no choice but to dedicate well over 5 minutes of a scene sucking and manhandling the breasts of Lexxxi. Followed by some very nice head, and Lexxxi has always been a joy to watch suck big dick…just to see her mouth and lips stretch over the thick dick of Sean, its just theraputic and relaxing to watch. In fact we were pissed that there was about 4 or 5 minutes of dicksucking from Lexxxi in this…but when you see Lexxxi climb on top of dick for her infamous reverse cowgirl…you forget all about it from the amazing show she puts on. Lexxxi Luxe can ride dick, and ride it so fucking good…and with arguably the biggest titties in the business its a complete hypnotic fuck show….we don’t want to give the rest away, but trust us – everone loves Lexxxi Luxe, and this scene just reinforces why we all do….Lexxxi Luxe is just a joy to watch get fucked.

We can never ever get enough Lexxxi, and the masses can’t either…which is proven by the ratings, comments and views she gets consistently. If we had our way we would have a Lexxxi scene every month. Lexxxi Luxe delivers another top-notch scene with a fantastic fuck delivered by Sean in the PlumperPass exclusive. And we say the same thing to Lexxxi as all over her fans and all of voluptuous adult entertainment say – more, More, MORE, MORE!!!!

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