Lexxxi Luxe Brings Motherly & Mammary Love To Her StepSon In Latest PlumperPass Banger!


Her legacy is solidified, her presence is known throughout the world as one of the greatest XXX performers/actresses/entertainers of All-Time, her place in the Hall Of Fame is guaranteed 1st Ballot, and her tenure has made her a bonifide OG in the game…so what is next for the mammarily gifted Lexxxi Luxe to do……even more, even better. And in her latest release from PlumperPass.com, entitled “Hot & Plump Stepmom“, Lexxxi Luxe, shows that with all the success & well deserved accolades she has earned, that she is not resting on her laurels that got her to this point, by putting on an absolute show of suck & fuck greatness that shows a reenergized Lexxxi Luxe, who is ready to conquer, devour, and straight up fuck the hell out of the dick of co-star, John Long in this #CertifiedBanger of a scene.

In this latest release directed by Sensational visionary director, Josh Stone, Lexxxi Luxe, plays the overly caring step-mother to John Long, who is back home to pay his father a visit. When Lexxxi informs him that he is not home, John Long feels that he should leave – especially seeing as how he cannot keep his eyes off of some of the biggest tits in the world. But Lexxxi Luxe, the caring “step-mother” that she is encourages him to stay, and cannot help but comfort him with sensual touches, especially after expresses how they are family now and should be close. And with that fact heard by John, he goes for broke and asks if those huge titties of hers are real – to which Lexxxi Luxe responds – “Do you want to feel them?” – to which we all know the obvious answer to that – and this is what kickstarts the beginning of nothing but great action for the duration of the this 30+ minute featurette.

The next 5 minutes after John Long we get a much appreciated tour of the mighty curves of Lexxxi Luxe, complete with plenty of sensual touching and squeezing througout. And when Lexxxi Luxe finally releases the biggest tits, the heat instantly increases as John Long takes his pleasure and squeezing them, and sucking them deep just like Lexxxi Luxe likes it. But as much as Lexxxi Luxe enjoys her legendary breasts sucked and fondled, let us be clear – Lexxxi Luxe wants the dick of John. And once John Long has completed his titty worship, Lexxxi Luxe takes a seat, unleashes the long dick of John Long, admires it and processes its size, and takes it into her mouth to begin a magical dicksucking session.

It is quite clear from the expression of happiness, and her eyes rolling in the back of her head as she sucks passionately the dick of John Long, that this is something that Lexxxi Luxe has been wanting for a serious minute. You can clearly see that she is in a zone of pure lust and enjoyment as she sucks and sucks hard that dick. Even hugging him by the thighs to bring that dick closer and closer to her mouth as passionately sucks down and pulls out that dick from her mouth over and over. This is some very heated and intense dicksucking from Lexxxi Luxe, and we have seen her suck magnificent dick a lot, but this is the first time in a few scenes that we have seen her this in love with sucking some dick.

Lexxxi Luxe is infatuated with the dick of John Long, and just as much as she wants to suck it, her need to feel in deep in her good pussy is even higher. John Long recognizes this, and places her into a doggy style position with her leaning over the back of the sofa, positions his dick just outside the opening of that perfect phat pussy, and goes balls deep inside that pussy with Lexxxi Luxe immediately loving and going crazy over that dick. And John Long just repeatedly goes balls deep at a nice calm but quick pace, disappearing into the phat pussy of Lexxxi Luxe.

After a damn good doggystyle shagging, we get to enjoy one of our favorite positions of Lexxxi Luxe, and off course that is her cowgirl (regular) position. The director takes up a great position, keeping those ginormous breasts of Lexxxi Luxe front and center, as Lexxxi Luxe goes into a sexual lust-crazed frenzy bouncing on John Long’s dick. We have seen Lexxxi Luxe ride good dick before, great dick before, but as we said earlier – she is way into John Long’s dick, and rides and fucks the hell out of it. Bouncing so hard on that dick we can the full weight of those giant titties visually as they bounce up and fall heavily in the air. Lexxxi Luxe does a phenomenal job of making sure she is getting every single inch of John Long’s dick in her pussy as her titties bounce and sway like two individual wrecking balls fighting with each other. In fact a highlight of the scene is watching John Long try his best to grab and contain those mountains as they rock and roll hard and heavy; but it is clear that those titties cannot and will not be contained, The sheer weight and massiveness will not permit it, but it is fun to see him try.

The action continues as Lexxxi Luxe positions herself in a sideways missionary position where the camera captures the pure phat phatness of Lexxxi Luxe’s phat pussy, and we see it penetrated deeply, and even deeper with each and every stroke of John Long’s dick. It is just beautiful to watch the totality of John’s dick going into Lexxxi, those huge tits just laying there, and the enjoyment of Lexxxi Luxe enjoying the moment – it is just a textbook example of why voluptuous XXX is so great. All of which leads to John Long serving up a nice hot and huge quantity of Vitamin D, all over Lexxxi Luxe’s grand tits, and we do mean a lot of it, as Lexxxi Luxe has built yet another reputation for causing massive cumshots with her male co-stars.

Lexxxi Luxe brings an outstanding performance to the camera with the help of John Long, as the come together to create a very solid and intense sex fest. The energy and lust is hot, and the love of the sex between them is more than apparent, as it is clear that Lexxxi Luxe enjoys the dick of John Long. Energetic dicksucking, passionate fucking, and more than stellar riding from Lexxxi Luxe as it appears that she is in a new zone, as she has been serving up more and more classics as of late. Fans are certainly hoping that this is the beginning of a second wave Lexxxi Luxe-mania, reminiscent to her first 5 years in the business, where the genre and fans could not get enough, and still cannot get enough of Lexxxi Luxe. With this addition to her already huge catalog, Lexxxi Luxe shows why she is still one of the top performers in the business…and we are even more ready to see her next feature. As she fires on all cylinders in this latest #CertifiedBanger. This is an absolute #MUSTSEE, and is EXCLUSIVELY available on PlumperPass.com, so head over there immediately and purchase a subscription to enjoy one of the Greatest Ever, prove it yet again! More Lexxxi Luxe…please!!!!

Lexxxi Luxe Sucks Hard & Fucks Deep in this Absolute Banger


Lexxxi Luxe delivers a scorching hot performance, one of the best we have seen from her ever. The chemistry between the two is solid, and the acting of Lexxxi is great and works. Very good production values and camera work as all the angles we love to see from Lexxxi are shown. The heat is out standing and the love for the dick the Lexxxi Luxe shows is genuine. Kudos to Director, Josh Stone, for capturing greatness in this scene. John Long does a great performance with Lexxxi as well. This feels like a resurgence of classic Lexxxi Luxe, all we can say is we hope that that's the case. ShoutsOut to one of the Greatest.

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