Kimmie Kaboom Salivates, Savors, & Supremely Fucks On Two Thick Dicks!


The real is back – that’s right the thick,huge, & heavy breasted Kimmie Kaboom is back – primed and ready to deliver as she always does. Making her glorious return to Video, Kimmie Kaboom goes all out and shows once again why she is perfectly built to satisfy, not just one – but two –  big fat dicks to ultimate perfection in her latest release which is a #BANGER, “Tag Teaming Kimmie“, where she is co-starred with the combined penile forces of Juan Largo & Bruno, who are well prepared to give Kimmie the business.

Now, let us set aside plot for the purposes of this piece, because while we like it, the action is what intrigues and is the greatness in this particular scene. Kimmie Kaboom is absolutely fabulous at the seduction of dick and exhibits her mastery of it with great skill in this latest release. But, before we go deep into this – we must first give a superior shoutout to the incredibly beautiful, huge, heavy, & pendulous (just the way we like them) breasts Kimmie Kaboom – no matter how many times we witness them its always like the first time. And in this scene she wastes no time in unleashing their dimensions to the naked air. Secondly we must also recognize the incredible thickness this woman possesses as well, and that can never be stated enough.

….With that recognized first & foremost, let us say – that Kimmie Kaboom delivers on all levels in this scene. The heat builds from the moment the titties come out…as Juan & Bruno have no other choice but to fall victim to the energy & attention those huge & mighty titties deserve and command. And with her beauty and big titties out, instantly the dicks get hard, and this is one of the highlights of the entire scene – as Kimmie Kaboom wastes not a second and preps to succulently oralize the two thick dicks that she has rendered under her spell of lust. There is something about the way Kimmie Kaboom sucks these dicks that just amazes us. Watching them grow thicker and thicker from her genius & grand glans work, and yet the size of them does not deter her – it encourages her, and makes her suck more and more feverishly – this is just great stuff. Mouth stretched to its limits, but still sucking, even using those stupendously huge breasts to assist… Its just so damn nice…

And of course how long can man withstand such suxwork before they must go balls deep into the pussy of Kimmie Kaboom…Bruno without any hesitation, once Kimmie is in postion, begins the balls deep assault on the phat pussy of Kimmie Kaboom, while she continues her succulent sucking of Juan on the other end. And watching this woman suck & fuck doggystyle like this comes with its own extra treat – and that is seeing those huge breasts swinging and swaying their weight all around. The visual is great. Kimmie Kaboom is fantastic. This woman is simply made for fucking…through out the scene and through a myriad of postions – she is always (with the exception of a moment) within two points of contact of each dick – one dick always being sucked, and the other dick always going balls deep inside of her. She knows how to accomadate the penises of Juan & Bruno expertly all throughout!

A well crafted scene that highlights the sexual expertise of one Kimmie Kaboom, this latest release is just good old-fashioned concentrated threesome fucking at its finest. Kimmie Kaboom makes a grand scene, and shows that she is truly one of the genre’s finest performers. A must-see, head over to, Join Up, and enjoy what true skill is!

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