Julieta Velezz Discovers The Joy of BBC In Torrid FuckFest


A wise woman once said…(…we think), “…there are fewer joys that have a more profound impact on life than when a woman discovers big black dick!”. For the beautiful new starlet with all the ass in the world, Julieta Velezz…her discovery of that joy starts now. She gets her first taste of BBC, and that taste turns into torrid fuckfest of pure epicness for her newest scene entitled, “My Tinder Hookup” – the latest release from Voluptuous Adult Industry Heavyweight, DirtyLittleDiva’s brand new label – DivaNationXL.com.

To say that Julieta Velezz simply shines in her first scene with big black dick – owned and operated by its owner, Slink – would be a hell of an understandment. Julieta Velezz does not only shine, she simply turn the entire scene into an inferno of  sexual heat and carnality that boils the sexual fluids. The energy she brings even from the very beginning is already turned up to the max…

Julieta Velezz is laying down while cruising her Tinder app. And then suddenly she discovers something that tickles her fancy. A big black cock. And then she suddenly thinks aloud “I’ve never had a big black cock“…and from there the Tinder date is set…and moments later arrives Slink. And with Julieta excited and bubbling with sexual energy, she explains to Slink that she has never been with a big black cock & asks him to do her the favor of providing some of his…and as Slink is in the process of agreeing to do so…Julieta is in full attack mode…and the intensity rises and just doesn’t fucking stop til the cumshot!

Now first and foremost, Julieta Velezz is beautiful, just so fucking sexy. She is a thick latin BBW firecracker with so much delicious ass, and just a plump phat pussy. And DivaNationXL.com does an excellent job giving us a VIP tour of this woman’s wondrous dimensions to begin the scene. But we love how Julieta quickly transforms into a wild nympho from the very start and it is just…awesome. And from the sucking of Julieta’s plump titties to the ferocious deep kissing, it all just continues to pump more and more nymphonic energy into Julieta until she finally has her eyes and hands on that big black dick – and then it is obvious that it is lust at first sight…which brings us back to where we left off earlier…

Julieta Velezz sexual energy knows no other level but maximum – and she just saliciously devours and savagely sucks Slink’s dick with all the flawless disrespect of a wild oralist that is hypnotized and dick crazed. The Julieta’s dicksucking is just …DAMN – JUST DAMN! A SAVAGE performance in of itself.

But dicksucking alone isn’t enough to tame the nympho that has awakened within Julieta, and Slink (who we are giving kudos too for being able to withstand that head game without collapsing) is more than ready to deliver deep dicking excellence to Julieta by way of doggystyle. And after a quick feast upon her phat juicy pussy…Slink slides the thick dick in between the phat pussy of Julieta and just like that, she is hooked and intoxicated on big black dick. The screams that Julieta delivers, mixed with the perfect image of her big huge ass opened and that dick sliding in and out is enough to melt your screen alone. She absolutely loves it – especially once Slink begins going balls deep plus into her pussy…her facial expressions of lust are priceless.

And truthfully speaking – we were ready to blow our loads into some generic Bounty paper towels just off of this alone…but Julieta keeps on delivering with fire & intensity. This woman just wrecks the dick of Slink, as he shoves all the inches of his dick deep within her pussy in cowgirl, only for her to ride the fuck out of him with aggression in reverse cowgirl! And in one of the scenes many highlights – watching Julieta, legs spread wide, with so much dick just pumping in piston pounding action in and out of her pussy in missionary…it is just evident that this woman is a beast on the dick, and just wants more and more and more – And Slink is more than happy to oblige!

And then we get repeat performances of her vicious head game, doggystyle, and missionary all over again…to which we all rose up and gave a firm salute and applause for. The action is FUCKING HOT!!!

In case you can’t tell – Julieta Velezz is one of the genre’s newest fuckstars, and damnit can she fuck. A high octane performance from the word go, all the way to the word cut. Guaranteed to make your balls swelter & pussies flow. An absolute MUST-SEE & #CertifiedBANGERDivaNationXL.com delivers a top-shelf A+ performance with the amazing Julieta Velezz & Slink. Go to DivaNationXL.com RIGHT NOW – JOIN NOW…and lay witness to something very special that we can not wait to see more of.


8.8 Awesome

DivaNationXL.com delivers a high-octane fuckfest as Julieta Velezz brings an epic performance. Julieta emerges and shines brightly as the ultimate fuckstar as she swallows, throats, rides, and takes the dick Slink with excellence. The chemistry is solid, production is solid, and the directions is all top notch. But the energy just stands out, with ferocious fucking from both Velezz and Slink. An absolute MUST-SEE and #CertifiedBANGER.

  • HEAT 9.2
  • ACTION 9.4
  • User Ratings (7 Votes) 8