#BiggestDonkInTheMidwest Julie Ginger Delivers One of 2019’s Most Epic Fucks, & Our Highest Rated


Julie Ginger, the Ulitmate PAWG, the #BIGGESTDONKINTHEMIDWESTSuperHead/Master oralist – who’s dicksucking has garnered the love of millions around the world, and who’s big ass has resulted in tons of gallons of sperm to be lost…if there is one thing this voluputous XXX star knows – it is black dick. Its her speciality, her passion, her purpose. Sucking and fucking the evil & hell out of good black dick. Its her trademark specialty and one that has garnered her from being an unknown phenom, to now one of the most popular and top BBW talents in the genre. And with her the start of her illustrious taking place on the great BBWHighway.com – its only right that she makes a return for her latest release where she takes on PAWG specialist, Don Prince – for a gritty, no holds barred suck & fuck session (one of the best we have ever seen) – which of course are the sessions in which the great Julie Ginger thrive!

No plots necessary, no plot needed. This scene starts off like a reunion of two great friends, with little to no words said – just a hug, and straight to business as Julie Ginger goes for the dick just as she should. When you have the chemistry that Julie Ginger and Don Prince have, after all they have fucked in epic scene numerous times, words don’t need to be said to express how they feel. Its all shown in great action. And just to see Julie Ginger go to work in prepping Don Prince’s already hard dick is the sight of a woman on a mission to eat dick good. And within less than 90 seconds of the scenes opening – Julie Ginger is sucking, and stuffing all of this dick deep down her throat and loving every fucking moment of it.

Julie Ginger’s dicksucking is the stuff of legend. It is just fun to watch this woman take her time and show her skills off on Don Prince’s dick. You can tell how, with as great as her head already is, she continues to perfect her technique. And one of the biggest things we see in this scene is how her deepthroating technique has evolved and grown as she repeatedly stuffs the entirety of the dick balls deep…BALLS DEEP!!! Julie GInger loves to suck dick, and she sucks this dick with such passion, such conviction…such visible lust, you can tell that this is what she loves…its just written so excellently all over her face as she glazes the dick, She sucks that dick like it was personal and not business. #KudosToYouJulie

But with head that good, remember – Julie Ginger has one of the biggest asses in the business & the Midwest, and definitely one of the phattest pussies to go along with it. And good dicksucking like that can only be repaid with stiff long dick fucking. Which Don Prince provides, as he fucks the shit out of Julie Ginger first missionary…stuffing her balls deep to which Julie Ginger can only respond with compliments and lust filled adlibs of how much she is in love with the dick that is concretely stuffing the shit out of her! I mean – We know we are all familiar with beating the pussy up – this scene is the definition of that. I mean he is fucking Julie Ginger’s phat pussy like he just got released from a 15 year solitary bid! And that’s just the missionary –

When Julie Ginger bends ALL THAT ASS over on the arms of the sofa chair, and presents one of the biggest asses in voluptuous XXX history – and asks “Can you fuck me like this…?” – know that its about to go the fuck down! And it does just exactly that! Don Prince masterfully fucks the shit out of Julie Ginger big ass – bringing force like he is fucking that big ass with Thor’s Hammer. Julie Ginger loves the all out fucking assault on her pussy from behind as she slams all of that mountinous ass back on Don Prince creating thunderclaps so loud it seems like it would break the windows in the room! I mean the fucking is just fucking in-fucking-credible. Fucking like the type & style of which takes place in this scene – sets the bar to a new high on what good XXX is!

This scene is for DAMN SURE not only a #CertifiedBanger – but one of the greatest pure fuck scenes we have seen, and one of the greatest scenes ever in Voluptuous XXX for its action – nonstop fucking action. Julie Ginger goes all out, and exerts the highest of her sexual energy in this – and Don Prince reciprocates the same…for an ALL OUT Fuckfest. Major ShoutsOut to BBWHighway.com as a staff, a XXX label, AND A MOTHERFUCKING CREW for this EPIC shit! This is an example of what happens when you pair the best, with the best. Julie Ginger is one of the hottest fuckstars in the game, and we have said that since her very first scene – and she proves that with a HELLIFIED exclamation point in this one, which may be our new favorite from her. And Don Prince – fucks that big ass like a 9x MVP All-Star. This scene is definitely getting nods for 2020 PHAT Awards Fuck of the Year, Scene of the Year, and probably more categories before it all said and done with! Go to fucking BBWHighway.com, Join Up, and witness XXX Hardcore Fucking Par Excellence!!! #FuckJulieFuck

Julie Ginger x Don Prince Deliver New Standard In Fucking!


Superior Fucking from the Biggest Ass in the Midwest Meanest Oralists in the Genre, Julie Ginger. The fucking is non-stop, hardcore, balls pounding action from start to finish, delivered courtesy of Woodsman Don Prince. The chemistry between these Ginger x Prince sets the tone for everything else. The fucking hard, loud, fast, and forever it seems despite the scene being only 21 minutes and some change. This is one of the hardest hardcore fuckings we have ever scene captured on camera. These two alone with direction from BBWHighway make one of the greatest pure fuckscenes ever. Along with one of our highest scored scenes ever rated. Julie Ginger is the Ultimate Fuckstar with a Ravenous Appetited for Black Dick, and boy does Don Prince Deliver. A few, very very very minor editing issues aside....this is one of the best Hardcore XXX fucks of the year, or two.

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