Julie Ginger Serves That Mighty Ass To Ludus Adonis


Damn, that ass of Julie Ginger…since its beginnings into the business of XXX (which was some months ago) it has captured our attention & then some. Its sheer dimensions have brought joy to all those have had to luxury to enjoy it & her wonderous fellatio skills – which, when combined with men of great skill, has led to some incredible work coming from the rookie starlet. And BBWHighway.com has provided another scene to add to  the budding catalog of Julie Ginger as she returns to BBWHighway.com, to team up with Ludus Adonis for a grand fuckfest as Julie Ginger serves up ALL that mighty ass!

And we have said it so many times before & we will continue to say ever more still, Julie Ginger just has so much ass its simply a must that it be witnessed all the time; and in this new release – BBWHighway.com does the scene so much justice in trying to capture as much of it as they can from all angles. It is just so great to see this lovely woman and all of that ass get fucked. Which brings us to the trademark, as well as one of the highlights of this new scene,  Julie Ginger’s love for the black dick, which  – as we have said in every single one of her releases, comes off so organically genuine that we know for a fact she isn’t performing sex, but she is truly showing her love for black dick.  Regardless of whether she is riding it, doggystyling it, or taking it deep within her missionary style – all of which she does with such delight as apparent by the screams and moans that Ludus Adonis provides with his deep thrusts.

Julie Ginger is back in this new scene and once again puts it down with the love & lust combined with mega-donk action and movement that simply accentuates Ludus Adonis dick down of her. And yes, she shows her awesome head style which is a thing of beauty to be admired, truly. In fact, you will find yourself rewatching that, as well as the rest of this scene numerous times. Another marvelous performance from the midwest super pawg – and we can’t wait to see so much more.

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