Julie Ginger Brings ALL THAT ASS to BBWHighway.com


At long last, the good folks at BBWHighway.com have finally released the XXX debut of the rookie new MegaBooty Pawg, Julie Ginger. And after weeks of anticipation, what have been given is the beginnings of the career of a true cockslut who is unapologetic about taking the dick with the lust & horniness of an established starlet. It is clear that Julie Ginger has the hit the industry running by delivering a very nice performance for her debut.

Of course let us get the obvious out of the way, Julie Ginger has the monster booty going in a major way, I mean you can’t help but notice that thing and all of its delightful dimensions and from that alone you already know that this has the makings of an outstanding scene. But when it comes to those who self-proclaim themselves as true cocksluts, its easy to get sidetracked by things such as ginormous asses…however, Julie Ginger displays that she is all about the sex and dick, as she treats us to some very, VERY, superb dicksucking – the kind of dicksucking that looks like it can make a penis cum with great speeds if you don’t respect its power. We often imagine what Wonder Woman’s head game would be like…& Julie Ginger’s skill in the fellatial arts pretty much perfectly fits our imagination of that.  Julie Ginger delivers top notch fellatio performance. She is clearly well versed in the fellatial arts – I mean the head is butter. I mean fuck, that donk claps when she gives head for fuck’s sake…and lets just be frank…Julie Ginger just looks so loverly with dick in her mouth.

But extreme wetness is the attribute of the day, I mean Julie Ginger’s pussy just erupts in all the postions she is fucked in. I mean she is just wet from the moment the dick enters her pussy to the moment it leaves it for the last time. Just dripping & running almost as if she her pussy came equipped with its very own sea. We know & are very familiar with the phrase swimming in the pussy, but her co-star King Kream’s dick, literally had to swim in all that oceanic goodness. We were so amazed at that, we almost forgot the fact that there was just so much ass that just looked excellent beging fucked. And the screams of lust & pure excitement that Julie Ginger provided told us that this was not an act, but this is real love of dick screams.

All around phenomenal scene from a phenom PAWG, who…after this performance – we definitely expect to see a lot more of. Julie Ginger delivers very nicely in her debut scene on BBWHighway.com. So head over to BBWHighway.com, PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION, and prepare to get familiar with a new talent you may be hearing more from in the very near future in Julie Ginger!