Julie Ginger Is Making Her Presence Known

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We hate to say we told you so…but…we did kind of let you know – the woman and rookie voluputous adult entertainer, Julie Ginger, garnered a lot of attention after her initial debut on BBWHighway.com. That debut, which we covered (see Julie Ginger Brings All That Ass To BBWHighway.com ), started a chain reaction of demand mixed with wonder, which led to the fans world wide wanting more and more of this new starlet & phenom ( with “phenom” in this sense meaning white woman with a whole lot of ass! ). And…Julie Ginger has apparently been busy putting in work with two new releases, on BBWHighway.com & PlumperPass, featuring her lovely looks, insanely massive donk, delicious lust, and of course her now trademark diabolical head game! With that work, Julie Ginger is making her presence known – and putting the voluptuous adult genre on notice that she is not some a one hit wonder, but she is for real!

In her latest release, Julie GInger makes a return to where it all started – BBWHighway.com, where she steps things up a bit from her debut scene as she debuts in her first on-screen threesome, taking on the combined penile powers of Don Prince & King Kreme in what can’t be described as anything but a completely fantastic fuck fest – that stars the hypnotically grand donk of Ginger.

One of the things we love about the performances of Julie Ginger is how she metamorphases from sweet midwestern girl, to BBC Succubus as soon as the dicks come out! Its just so awesome to see Don Prince & King Kreme taking turns just fucking the hell out of the massively evil ass as it bounces with every thrust back on them, as if her big ass it just taunting them for more and more with every thrust. And the gentlemen absolutely oblige. And of course…as in our last article we spoke about her insane dicksucking talents…well to see her tasked to handle two dicks, is even better. I mean, Julie Ginger is just awesome with the dicksucking. She gives each dick a such expert attention and such suction its just a treat to watch. But perhaps equally as awesome as that is just watching that massive ass take poundings repeatidly….Very Impressive scene from Julie Ginger. Head over to BBWHighway.com, purchase a subscription to view this Julie Ginger’s first threesome.

…but that’s not all…

In addition to her 2nd release on the Highway, Julie Ginger also made her debut launch on the one and only PlumperPass.com…proving that it didn’t take long for her talents to grab the attention of the industry. And in her debut release on PlumperPass, entitled “Suck Or Swim“, as Julie Ginger is trying to recieve swiming lessons from co-star Jax Slayher until she realizes that the water is just too cold, and it would be better spending that time showing Jax how insane her head game instead. And if you ever needed even more proof as to how nice this woman’s fellatio ability is…then this scene, along with all the scenes she has ever done, will serve as the perfect showcase. She is a natural with bbc in  her mouth, but with Jax Slayher’s dick in her mouth…she really lets loose and shows her entire range just about of sucking…awesome stuff!

This is another great scene from Julie Ginger, and what we really enjoyed about this scene is that we see Julie Ginger put through the paces with the long dick of Jax. And its apparent that Jax is all about the business of fucking the hell out of the mighty huge ass of Julie Ginger. We love the way he just pounds the hell out of her with Julie Ginger loving every single stroke of it – showing that she doesn’t fear big dick, she welcomes it with great joy and lust.  Another fucking great and excellent scene from Ginger! Head over to PlumperPass.com – purchase your subscription and be amazed again by the skills of Julie Ginger!

…as we said earlier, Julie Ginger is making…fuck that, Julie Ginger has made her presence known officially. So if you didn’t know before, know now that she is the business. We said in our last article that we know she is going to bring huge things to this industry, and we just don’t mean all of that incredible ass – and she has done just that by coming out of the gates swinging and sucking hard! And the crazy part is…she is just getting started. Be on the look out for more incredible fucking and sucking from this rookie sensation – and of course, PHAT will bring you more as we get it.

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