Julie Ginger Begins 2019 Reign With A BANG On DivaNationXL.com


Humongous Donk, Powerful Dicksucking, & Relentless Hardcore Fucking…those are the three qualities of Great XXX that Massive Booty & Savage Oralist, Julie Ginger brought to the Adult World in great quantities of sheer classic content all throughout 2018.  Across multiple websites, and even with the release of her own signature website, BBWJulieGinger.com, Julie Ginger has quickly gone from rookie phenom, to now an established big booty powerhouse fuckstar! We all remember the killer scenes of epic sex she delivered all last year, especially the outstanding fucking between her and Christian on Pure-BBW.com – which we said was a “Scene Of The Year” Nominee for sure, that’s if we had an Award – and in that scene Julie Ginger brought forth sucking and fucking excellence & rawness to help end the year. And its apparent that Ginger is not resting on her laurels, and aiming to kick in the door of 2019 with a BANG! as she returns with Christian again – and brings forth another epic fuck on DivaNationXL.com, entitled “Gym? Pool?…Nah, Let’s Fuck!“, featuring Christian – and it is another #MUSTSEE #CertifiedBanger!

The power of Julie Ginger’s massive ass is something that has to be marveled at. And no one knows this better than her “boyfriend”, Christian. Her ass is so wide and big that it casts its magic on you making you unable to focus on anything but devouring and taming it. And Christian quickly finds this out yet again, after Julie Ginger asks him to come to the pool with her instead of going to the gym. At first, uninterested in her request, but once Julie GInger entices him be saying that he can rub oil all across that massive frontier of ass that she possesses…its obvious the choice…and what will quickly come after is even more obvious.

The one thing that stands out with all Julie Ginger scenes is the lust, the extreme lust that she brings out in all of her performances, and this one is no different. That is ass is just simply fucking amazing. And it does not take long after some generous oil application to all of that ass that Christian can not help himself, and just has slide his dick deep in side the pussy of Julie Ginger Doggystyle and just fuck the hell out of her to her incredible satisfaction. That capturing of all that ass is fantastic, as Julie Ginger’s ass almost fills up the entire frame…and we are witnessing that ass just hungrily gobbling up all of Christian’s dick as it disappears and reappears in and out of her phat pussy. Just hearing that good pussy of Julie GInger stretch and close with such witness, surrounded by oiled up cheeks…its just XXX gold.

And we all know Julie Ginger has some fucking good pussy, and Christian makes that evident as he takes the high angle and begins really pounding that pussy from behind. But as good as that good pussy is, what is equally as good, many would say, is what Julie Ginger is Notorious for…her savage dicksucking style. Julie GInger simply loves to suck the life and soul out of big dick, and she makes on exceptions for anyone. And to watch her suck Christian’s dick with such passion after giving her such a fuck is…again…excellence. And we could go on and on for another 5 paragraphs – but dicksucking this good has to be witnessed.And what also has to be witnessed is the spread wide missionary which allows Christian to go balls deep into the sweet glazed pussy of Julie Ginger…it is just fucking amazing! And this scene just continues to give us more and more great fucking and chemistry between these two.

Julie Ginger was a 2018 PHAT Freshman for a reason- and it was easy to see why. The energy and impact she brings to her scenes make it a no brainer. And she has proved herself to be one of the genre’s and the industry’s most wanted fuckstars. And this scene further proves that. She has begun 2019 with a bang, and she is, at least we believe, setting herself up for an even bigger 2019 – which is crazy to even fathom. All we know is that we here at PHAT, are most definitely here for that. And you need to be here for this scene – it is a #CertifiedBANGER – head over to DivaNationXL.com – JOIN UP – and watch one of the biggest names with the biggest asses, biggest fucks, and biggest suckstyles in the business...Julie Ginger!