Jenna Foxx Continues Shining As She Destroys Two Dicks on


Voluptuous XXX is witnessing  the era of the “fuckstar“, and one of the new leaders of this era has come from newcomer, the thick go-hard sextress, Jenna Foxx. Since her debut, Jenna Foxx has quickly garnered a reputation as ruthless on the dick, with both her fierce sucking, and her relentless fucking. And Jenna Foxx brings that reputation to, and with the penile efforts of Don Prince & Mr. Stixxx, she delivers a powerful fuck that is sure keep her reputation true.

The tag team grouping of Don Prince & Mr. Stixx has developed their own reputation, one for dicking down with lustful aggression mercilessly. However, it this type of fucking that Jenna Foxx thrives on and shines in. And the proof of this is almost immediate as the scene begins. After a brief interview with the thick PAWG, Prince & Stixx releases the dicks…and automatically, Jenna Foxx wastes no time in attacking each dick with the type of blind aggression which lets you know…that she is truly in love with the black dick in its purest sense. Which sets the rest of the scene up very nicely as its rare that Jenna Foxx doesn’t have dick in her mouth for the rest of the scene.

The gentlemen are simply fucking the shit out of Jenna Foxx in a myriad of positions beautifully. Watching the thick meaty ass of Jenna Foxx bounce so wildly at the thrusts of Don Prince and Mr. Stixx is incredible. The penetration action just draws you in, and subliminally lets you know that in addition to Jenna Foxx’s power head game, the pussy has to, & must, be simply delicious. And with the dicks penetrating full force in the good pussy of Jenna Foxx, her love for sex and black dick  energizes her that she is still bouncing back and trying her best to throw that pussy back onto the dicks with the same ferocity as they are showing that good good.

The catalog of Jenna Foxx is growing with nothing but pure fire, and this latest scene is one that is going to galvanize her foundation as a fuckstar to watch. We are already eager to see more. Definitely a #MUSTSEE, head over to, #PAYFORTHEPORN, and see how Jenna Foxx gets down in raw fashion.

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